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Zaful’s Affiliate Marketing Program Draws 1 Million Users in After Round of Promotion

Zaful begins powerful profit sharing project.

The latest edgy, daring, and exciting fashion trends are all found at Zaful, a fashion e-commerce site that looks to set its own fashion trends. The customer base at Zaful is constantly growing as the company uses a unique sales plan. First Zaful ensures that all products sold meet high quality control standards, have the best and most durable material. Secondly Zaful looks to ensure that all manufacturing agreements are affordable so cheaper prices can be passed onto the customer. These are requirements by the company and, if not met, Zaful will not sell the product or work with the manufacturer.

With such a large customer base, Zaful is looking to leverage them to create more sales while also sharing profits in return. To do so, Zaful has launched its very first affiliate program. This comes close to 10 years after the company launched in 2007 and will be the next big monument in the company’s famed success.

A company can only do so much marketing itself and hiring outside sources doesn’t always seem the most rewarding. Zaful wants to change the trend of hiring independent firms to market and would like to give the customer base a chance. Any individual can sign up to be a Zaful affiliate, regardless of having a shopping account at Zaful or not. Registration is very fast and easy. The only requirements for being a Zaful affiliate are, having Internet and a domain/hosting to resell Zaful products, and time to spend at least 30 minutes a day to have a successful campaign. Zaful merchandise is generally easy to sell because it is already of high quality and the prices are far cheaper than competitors.

Zaful offers industry leading commission, most fashion e-commerce sites using affiliate service will pay a low 4-8% range for every sale, however Zaful is offering 15-20% based off the marketers time with the company. Affiliate cookies last 60 days before expiring, this gives the marketer time to get sales instead of constantly updating their site.

The Zaful affiliate program is still fairly young, however it has already drawn 1 million people to take advantage. Zaful will continue to look for ways to give incentive to marketers and is constantly rolling out updates to fix any bugs. Marketers are welcome to come and try the program as the incentives are too hot to pass up.