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How Does Your Use of MarTech Stack Up Against Your Competitors?

martechYou’ve likely heard of MarTech—the marriage of marketing and technology in the age of big data. Even if you haven’t used that specific verbiage to describe marketing’s developing affinity for (and reliance on) tech tools, you’ve surely noticed the result: The influx of available consumer data has led to advancements in marketing automation platforms (MAPs), including gems like customer profiling, predictive lead identification, target account list building, and more.

Although leveraging MarTech can help businesses gain a competitive edge, not all companies have committed. According to a recent Openprise report, a whopping 40 percent of organizations don’t even attempt to engage in advanced marketing tools like MAPs, and those that do often have merely a basic or moderate usage of the powerful platforms.

Disappointing? Yes. Surprising? Not really, especially if you find yourself nodding when you hear the number. One reason for these sagging numbers: Data. Too much data, not enough data, inaccurate data, data management struggles… you get the picture. Collectively, this is known as a data hygiene problem—a big data hygiene problem.

Openprise’s data also revealed some promising news: Data management pros were projected to be the top hire for the year, so the data tide may be turning. Hiring for MAP usage, though, fell to the bottom of that hiring list—a move likely to backfire.

The report also revealed a telling fact about lead scoring: It’s used by 78 percent of companies with MAPs in place, but respondents in both sales and marketing capacities say their lead scoring performances are still lackluster. The same is true when it comes to qualifying leads, as you’d be surprised how many marketers who do use MarTech for lead scoring fail to take that extra step.

Eric Vidal recently delivered the full scoop on these and other MarTech priorities and challenges on our sister site, Converge. If you’re in the throes of budgeting and need a little context, or just want to know how your tech usage stacks up to other marketing departments, read: Just How Techy Is Your Marketing Department?