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Why Unboxing Videos Are the Next Big Marketing Tool

By Autumn Rivers – Contributing Writer, The Marketing Scope.

If you’re looking for a fairly new, effective way to showcase your products, it’s time to make an unboxing video. Never heard of this before? Well, it’s simple enough that the name says it all. Basically, it’s a video of someone taking a product out of its box and – assuming it lives up to that person’s expectations – acting super excited about it. And that’s it. It might sound too basic to get any audience’s attention, but somehow it does, and here’s how.

How Popular Are Unboxing Videos?

If you’re still not sure what unboxing videos are, look over the shoulder of any member of Generation Z – or even any Millennial – as they watch YouTube. The chances are good that if they want to learn more about any product they’re interested in, they’ll want to watch someone take it out of the box and describe it in detail while showing viewers.

In 2015 alone, these types of videos got more than 1 billion views. Some of the most popular videos get more than 170 million views, with the same channel of unboxing videos getting more than 380 million views per month. That’s really saying something, considering that in 2014 alone, about 6.5 years’ worth of these videos was uploaded to YouTube. The numbers don’t lie; unboxing videos are the new marketing necessity. But why?

Why Do Consumers Love Them?

Google – which owns YouTube – is acutely aware of the increased popularity of unboxing videos in recent years. Some experts who work there offered a few possible reasons that consumers enjoy watching this type of video:

They use them for research.

When you can’t physically touch a product, such as when you’re buying it online, the next best thing is watching a video on it. Unboxing videos offer an up close and personal look at products of all kinds, from makeup and toys to gaming systems and even food.

They like to live vicariously.

When a product isn’t available to the public yet – or you just don’t have the money to buy it – you can share in the excitement of the person who does have the product you want. Best of all, unboxing videos are free and easy to find on YouTube, so pretty much everyone has access to them.

They find them entertaining.

The most successful unboxing experts have their own unique style that draws people to their channel. For example, some make jokes while unboxing products, or add interesting special effects to the video. Others simply have a way with words when it comes to describing the product, which can add to the experience.

They trust the unboxer. Many unboxers have loyal followers who trust them to carefully show off and describe a variety of products as they take them out of the box. In many cases, viewers don’t just watch one of their videos; they watch several of them, and eventually think of them as the authority on the products they tend to unbox. Some unboxers stick to video games, while others mostly focus on makeup. Either way, their viewers rely on them to show them the latest products because they’re unbiased, unlike ads created by brands.

What’s Next for Unboxing Videos?

Now that it’s clear that people are watching these videos, Google intends to make it easier for consumers to make purchases after watching them. More specifically, YouTube is now selling shoppable ads that will appear on its videos – including unboxing videos – making it possible for viewers to click a link to buy any of the featured products.

YouTube is currently still testing these shoppable ads to see how consumers react to them. If they stick around, these pay-per-click ads may benefit not only consumers who want to know where to buy products, but also content creators looking for more ways to monetize their unboxing videos. This could extend the life of these types of videos even further, which means now is the perfect time to add them to your video marketing strategy!

Have you ever watched an unboxing video? Do you think it would work well for your brand?

By Autumn Rivers – Contributing Writer, The Marketing Scope
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