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Why Twitter’s Periscope App Is Worth a Try

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last week or so, you might have heard about its newly acquired app, Periscope. Its main purpose is to let you use your smartphone to broadcast live video streams to anyone on Twitter. So basically, it’s a lot like Meerkat, except that it’s new and improved, and it’s also owned by Twitter instead of just reliant on the social network.

If the thought of immediately sharing video footage with others excites you, check out what the Periscope app is all about.

How It Works

After you install this free app on your iPhone or iPad (it’s only available on iOS devices right now), you just log in to Twitter and you’re ready to record. Once you find an event worthy of being shared with the world in real time, you can simply record it and await your audience’s reaction.

That reaction will be easy to see because viewers can tap the screen to send lots of little colorful hearts that show how much they love your video. They can also leave comments that will briefly appear on the video, though you will have to speak your response to any questions or comments since video broadcasters cannot type their replies.

If you want to try out the app as a viewer before becoming a broadcaster, you will be glad to know it’s pretty easy to find videos worth watching. Though the hearts on videos can clue you in to the most well-liked footage, you can also check out the aptly-named “Most Loved” list. Plus, you will get a notification any time one of your Twitter connections joins Periscope, and you will in turn be alerted to their video streams. You can also conveniently save streams to watch later.

One of the advantages of Periscope is that it does not impose a time limit on videos, so footage can be as long as the broadcaster desires. Another practical perk is that streams can be viewed through computer browsers, not just mobile devices, though comments and hearts are only visible on the mobile app.

The Many Uses of Periscope

The novelty of Periscope is that it makes it easy for users to share live footage rather than simply recorded video. According to the team that built the app, live video can create a shared experience between the broadcaster and the audience, making your videos of important moments that are much more special to share with others on Twitter.

Obviously, one of the most important benefits of Periscope is how easy it is for users to share breaking news on video. People have already used this fairly new app to share videos of disasters that others need to know about, such as major fires.

Of course, you can probably expect the majority of Periscope broadcasts to be a bit more lighthearted and even mundane! But still, it’s nice to know that the app has potential for showing footage of more than just the new trick your dog learned today.

Have you tried out Periscope yet? How does it compare to other video broadcasting apps? Let us know in the comments section below.

By Autumn Rivers – Contributing Writer, TheMarketingScope
Email:, Twitter: @AutumnEditing