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Why So Many Digital Marketers Love Snapchat

digital-marketers-snapchatIf you want your brand to reach Millennials, you’re probably either already on Snapchat or wondering if you should be. If you’re not, you’re missing out on a great chance to get your brand in front of over 100 million daily active users. Wondering what’s so special about Snapchat when it comes to digital marketing for your brand? Here’s what digital marketers like most about this messaging app.

It Makes Real-Time Communication Easy

The main detail that differentiates Snapchat from other apps of the moment is that nothing on it is permanent. It’s all about living in the moment, posting content that will instantly reach your audience and then almost instantly disappear. This is in stark contrast to other apps that marketers use – like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – where content sticks around for years, which puts pressure on people to make sure it’s all perfectly polished.

With less pressure for perfection, marketers feel more comfortable posting photos and videos in real time, giving them an air of authenticity that people expect from trusted brands. Christopher Carter, CEO and Founder of Approyo, agreed, saying, “Using Snapchat provides us with a fun, educational, and entertaining way to engage with our audience members. It also builds up our trust with them.”

Of course, if you are particularly proud of any content you create for Snapchat, you can always save it and repurpose it for use on other platforms. Keep this in mind if you’re hesitant to spend time creating content that will disappear soon after you post it. In fact, some marketing professionals who use Snapchat recommend that you include links to your website and social media pages when you post a snap, further extending the benefits of this marketing tool.

It’s Perfect for Fun, Digestible Content

Some people are quick to disregard Snapchat because they can’t post a white paper or in-depth video there. Sure, it’s not the right platform for certain types of content, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. In fact, it’s perfect for quick – like 10-seconds quick! – videos, which is just the right amount of time for a teaser video. For example, you can offer viewers their first look at a new product to create hype for it with just 10 seconds of effort. And then of course you can take pictures of anything that might interest your audience, even creating a cute story with a series of snaps.

Snapchat also allows brands to pay to post short-form content – such as short articles – using the Discover feature, giving you another way to grab the attention of your audience. And if you really want to offer some longer content, you can use Snapchat to drive viewers to other platforms, such as your website.

Filters Make It Easy to Brand Content

For a small fee, brands can create their own Geofilters to put on pictures in Snapchat. This means that you can dream up some artwork that relates to your brand, and then allow people to add it to their images when they are in a particular geographic area. For example, McDonald’s offers filters for Snapchat users within a certain range of their location. This seems to be Snapchat’s compromise between keeping the app free of invasive ads and allowing digital marketers to pay to advertise their brands.

Nike, GE, and numerous movies – including Ted 2 and Minions – have all created Geofilters so far. The filters are fun and seem to fit right in with the rest of the app’s feel, so it’s no wonder it’s catching on with big brands. In fact, according to Vincent Orleck, President of Social Media Club Phoenix, “I really think this is the biggest social media news of 2016 so far. The fact that anyone can now essentially advertise and brand themselves on Snapchat for a very affordable amount can’t be overlooked.” He recently wrote a blog post with ideas for Geofilters that both brands and individuals can use.

Measuring Snapchat Success Is Easier Than You Think

The main concern some digital marketers have about Snapchat is that it’s considered hard to measure campaign success, due to limited analytics. But those who have embraced Snapchat have actually found that it’s definitely possible to measure campaign success with this app. For example, you can look at total unique views, which counts how many people have viewed the first frame of your story for one second or more. You can also keep track of how many people have taken a screenshot of your content.

In addition, if you offer your audience a coupon code in a snap, you can count the number of people who use the code, giving you a quick look at how effective the snap has been. And despite what many marketers believe, there are a few analytics tools for Snapchat. According to Orleck, Delmondo and Snaplytics are two such options. But if these tools are not in your budget, he recommends that you “use tagged URLs in your snaps to send people to a website, landing page, email, or even another social platform to take an action.” This is one of the simplest ways to keep track of the number of people who are not only seeing your snaps, but also acting on them.

Is your brand on Snapchat yet? If not, try it out and start experiencing these advantages for yourself!