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What Social Media Content Trends are Expected in 2020

What Social Media Content Trends are Expected in 2020

As a marketer, you know that a successful social media content strategy is not about posting random funny cat videos and cute selfies. It’s about creating unique content that perfectly appeals to the target audience.

The problem is that the preferences of social media users are changing pretty fast. Modern people are getting picky about what content they consume. And for this reason, some of those social media marketing tricks that worked yesterday do not work today.

If you want to develop a perfect marketing strategy for the following year, you should know what social media content trends to expect. In this article, you will learn about the factors that are shaping the social media world right now.

Shoppable Posts

Two years ago, social media users did not consider Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest as shopping platforms. But in 2019, the situation has changed.

According to statistics, 72% of Instagram users have purchased at least one product on the app. And around 70% of Pinterest users use Pinterest to discover new brands and find interesting products.

So, if you want to boost sales in 2020, you should create catchy shoppable posts. To achieve the best results, follow these simple rules:

  • Make sure that your shoppable post doesn’t look like a traditional ad
  • Share user-generated content
  • Write witty, not salesy captions

What Social Media Content Trends are Expected in 2020

Video Content

Social media users choose video content over other types of content. And this trend will continue in 2020.

Marketers and researchers say that currently, users spend 84 minutes a day watching videos. But in two years, the daily time spent watching videos will increase and reach100 minutes.

Also, social analytics show that longer pieces of content engage the audience better. Videos longer than 15 minutes generate 50% of all engagement. That explains why IGTV and Instagram Live are getting more popular.

If you want to boost your social media marketing efforts in 2020, do the following:

  • Try to create longer videos than you used to. Use social analytics to find out whether longer videos work for your brand or not.
  • Start using IGTV and live streaming.
  • Create at least one piece of video content a week to engage your followers.
  • Be creative, and don’t focus on only one type of video content. Share behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with experts or company’s founders, unboxing videos, branded videos, whatever appeals to your target audience the most.

Famous brands follow these simple rules and achieve great results. Here is an example of Sephora’s Instagram post.

The company shared a branded video that lasts more than 60 seconds using a new IGTV feature.

What Social Media Content Trends are Expected in 2020

In 5 days, the video was watched more than 500,000 times. Taking into account the fact that most of Sephora’s videos last less than 60 seconds and get less than 250,000, we can conclude that longer videos work well for this beauty brand.

Social Media Challenges

Social media challenges are becoming more common. And it’s expected that Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook users will participate in challenges more actively in 2020.

“If your goal is to get more user-generated content, start a social media challenge. It’s a simple yet effective way to grab the attention and to make followers interact with your brand,” says Nicole Brighton, a marketer and translator at PickWriters.

Social media challenges work well for big, medium, and small companies. Here is an example of how world-famous brand Volvo used the #SelfiForSafety challenge to get more than 2,500 users-generated posts in six weeks.

What Social Media Content Trends are Expected in 2020

If you want to get the most of your social media challenge, you should do the following:

  • Collaborate with influencers in your niche to announce the start of the challenge and encourage your target audience to participate.
  • Come up with a unique branded hashtag idea. It will help you to track user-generated content online.
  • Make sure that the rules of your social media challenge are easy to understand and easy to follow, so the more people will want to participate.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is shaping the social media landscape. In 2018, Facebook introduced Spark AR, a tool for building augmented reality effects. In 2019, this tool has become available for everyone who wants to make custom face filters and other effects for Instagram Stories.

At the same moment, Instagram introduced an “Effect Gallery”, a tab where artists can display their creations. And today, every Instagram user can find unique AR filters at this tab and try them out for free.

What Social Media Content Trends are Expected in 2020

Whether you are a marketer, blogger, or social media influencer, you can benefit from this trend. Naturally, you can draw followers’ attention to your brand using AR in two ways:

  • You can create a unique branded AR filter and encourage followers to use it
  • Or, invite followers to participate in the challenge and create an AR filter that suits your brand the most

Whatever approach you choose, you will be able to generate unique, authentic content and create buzz online. Augmented reality features will help you to boost your social media marketing efforts and get your brand noticed.

Social Media as a Communication Channel

In 2020, companies should consider social media as one of the major customer communication channels. Here is why.

According to statistics, 90% of consumers try to reach out to brands on social media. Modern customers tend to check the company’s updates on Facebook and Twitter more often than the company’s website. They prefer to contact customer support agents via social media platforms rather than via emails.

For this reason, companies should create content that not only entertain customers and drive sales but also keep customers informed.

Here is an example of the post that was created not to drive reach and engagement but to keep clients up-to-date. Delta Air Lines used its Facebook account to inform travelers about the recent flight changes caused by the Getty Wildfire.

What social media content trends are expected in 2020

Wrapping It Up

These five social media content trends will dominate in 2020. So get ready to keep up with them and adjust your marketing strategy in the right way. It will help you to increase reach and engagement as well as to achieve other marketing goals.


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