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Video Live Streaming Trend Report [It’s Growing!]

video live streaming

The May 2018 Interactive Advertising Bureau report is out and it’s no surprise that live streaming video adoption is up, up, up. I could have told you that based on observing my twin 12-year-olds and their friends, for whom video live streaming is a constant. What’s driving the adoption of video live streaming? That’s an easy one—video is accessible, personal, and interesting.

Where is All This Live Streaming Video Content?

Where is all this video live streaming content happening? Subscription-based platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are all big players, featuring old favorites, new release movies and series, as well as tons of original content, ready to take your subscription money and delight you.

So, subscription-based services are hot. How hot? Some 43 percent of U.S. watch video through a subscription (we subscribe to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO – WTH?) and 41 percent of global consumers of video access it via subscription.

video live streaming

Social Networks Are Big Live Streaming Video Channels

Social nets are huge when it comes to finding and live streaming video content. If you spend any time at all on Facebook, chances are good you’re seeing more and more videos and more and more invitations to watch more episodes of a particular show on Facebook Watch. That is no accident. Facebook wants as much of your time and attention as you’ll give it, and these video show offerings will continue to grow at a rapid pace.

If my tweens are any indication, YouTube is one of the biggest and fastest growing social networks for consuming live streaming video content. My girls watch all kinds of things on YouTube, including makeup tutorials, comedy shows, product reviews, and honestly I am not sure I even want to know the rest. When I asked them the other day what social networks they found the most important to them, their response was swift: Snapchat and YouTube. I think that pretty much says it all.

Note that in the U.S., social platforms account for only 40 percent of video live streaming, while globally, they represent more than 52 percent of the consumption. Asian markets lead the way in video content creation and consumption, and that is not likely to change.

Video Live Streaming via TV Network Site or App

When it comes to video live streaming via a TV or network site or app, HBO and Showtime fall into the category, but I believe they belong more in the subscription category. These days, you can subscribe to only HBO, just like you can subscribe to only Netflix, so I think including these sites/apps here skews the numbers. That said, some 32 percent of consumers report streaming live video using a TV network site or app.

Gaming Site or App

I have tween girls, and my girls are not gamers, nor is anyone else in our household, so video live streaming via a gaming site or app is pretty much off my radar screen. Not so with 28 percent of U.S. respondents to this survey and 33 percent globally.

The Fate of TV

Note the numbers at the bottom? Those who access video live streaming content via a TV service provider or app? Yes, that’s pretty much at rock bottom and likely to get lower. In my living room, kids are as likely to each be sitting on a sofa with a device or laptop in hand, consuming content that’s interesting to them personally rather than turning the TV on. When I turn the TV on, I head straight to Netflix, Amazon, or HBO, and haven’t watched even the local news on TV in longer than I can even think of.

So there you have it. The trends in video live streaming. What’s happening in your household? Does it mirror what’s reported here? I’d love to know.

The original version of this article was first published on V3Broadsuite.