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Using Surveys as a Marketing Tool

If you’ve ever been online for an extended period of time, or if you use social media sites, you have probably filled out a survey. They are growing increasingly popular, and the proof is in the fact that people will sit at their computer for hours filling out surveys. So, how can you use surveys to your advantage as a marketing tool? Here are a few different ways and why they work.

Surveys for Offers:

This is a great way to use surveys as a marketing tool. By offering a discount, a free gift, or a free membership, you can draw customers in. The key with this type of survey is that people love to get things at a discount or free. Also, people love to send surveys and free offers to their friends and families. This kind of survey can become viral very quickly. By offering a free membership to your website, or a free product with the purchase of another product, this can be a very useful marketing tool. Keep the survey fun and interesting so that people will want to send it around.

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Customer Feedback:

This is probably one of the most widely known ways to use surveys as a marketing tool. By asking your customers how they feel about your products or services, you are able to gain valuable information. When several customers answer a certain way, you can utilize their answers to make necessary changes to your products or services that will in turn earn you more money. Without customers, there would be no business. This is why it’s important to tailor the products and services to what the majority of clients and customers are looking for. This is a great marketing tool when the information is utilized in a way that will better products or services.

For Your Target Market:

You can easily find out what your target market is by using surveys. Simply ask for their birth date, where they live, gender, income, and other things like this. When you do this, you can use the data to better figure out your target market. You can also ask them where they go most online. This will help you find new advertising avenues for new customers within your target market. By visiting the places that your customers spend time at, you can possibly get an advertisement there, or do something else to attract new customers from that place to your site.

Surveys can be a very valuable tool if they are utilized in the right way. Make sure you use that information and put it to use in order to market your company better. Make the surveys interesting and fun, and remember not to make them too long. Most people either don’t have time to sit down for a long period of time and fill out a survey. A lot of people will get bored and give up part of the way through it. By following these tips, you can create effective surveys that can be valuable to your business.

By Chris Kern – Chris is the founder of Domain Media, an integrated media company providing specialized business services. He owns and manages a growing niche-focused content network of websites and domain names. Chris is also the owner of Windstream Partners, a publisher of books focused on business improvement, personal development and practical guides. He regularly advises emerging growth companies on business strategy and development.