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Twitter Announces Periscope To Go Against Meerkat

The livestreaming wars have begun.

Meerkat, the live video-streaming application, which launched at the beginning of this month and dominated South by Southwest (SXSW), recently announced its latest funding gain (“around” $14 million) and moments later, in an apparent strategic move, Twitter announced its own livestreaming app: Periscope. Many news and tech sites have taken a side – some explaining that Periscope is superior to Meerkat due to its extra features (not to mention is has Twitter and big names from Silicon Valley on its side). Others argued for Meerkat due to its simplicity, branding and perhaps its first-to-release advantage.

Similar to the war between PC and Mac, the livestreaming app of your choice will showcase which ‘team’ you are on.

But will this new app war persist? The Internet goes through apps like a kid with a cold goes through tissues, and it is uncertain if livestreaming one’s world is a novelty or something else. For all we know, livestreaming could be as relevant as Ello is now.

Only time will tell and until then, Periscope and Meerkat will wage the war – so if you haven’t yet, get ready to pick your ‘team’.