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Top 7 Small Business Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2020

Top 7 Small Business Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2020

Constant reinvention is the key to successful small business marketing. The pressure to evolve grows stronger every year as markets become more fragmented because of the proliferation of new smart devices and digital platforms. Understanding the ever-changing consumer behaviors is a permanent challenge too.

In 2020, you ought to stay abreast of all the latest business marketing trends to help your small business cut through the noise and stand above the competition.

Take a look at the business marketing trends below to learn more about the practices nimble online marketers and tech-driven executives will be adopting in the next year:

Creating Shoppable Posts

According to Fortunly, nearly two-thirds of small business owners depend on their websites to engage with prospective customers. Businesses are also generating sales through social media, where more and more internet users are actively interacting with the brands they like.

Retailers should no longer see Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others as merely platforms for content marketing. The sales funnel is not as long as it used to be. Shoppable posts have eliminated several steps between awareness and purchases. And you must aim to reduce the number of clicks your potential customers have to make in order to complete a sale.

Producing Interactive Content

Speaking of interaction, people on social media have become fonder of content they can engage with. The use of live videos, quizzes, polls, and games-based content is expected to increase in 2020.

Interactive content marketing can give consumers immersive experiences with your products and services.

Interactivity naturally compels action too. It can aid your market research and help you glean valuable insights from your target demographics themselves.

Doubling Down on Personalization

Generic emails and replies are too impersonal, which is why most consumers do not care much about them. If you have not done so, it’s high time to treat your customers as individuals. You ought to fine-tune your messaging in order to make each person feel special and make a stronger impression on your leads.

Embrace artificial intelligence to personalize your newsletters accordingly.

Furthermore, you should also make email segmentation a habit. Divide your leads into well-thought-out consumer categories, and study the distinctive behaviors of each group. Only then can you personalize your email marketing initiatives.

When it comes to content creation, you should strongly consider customization to satisfy the needs of different online communities. You can’t paint these groups with a single brush, after all. Customized content can help reinforce your overall personalization efforts.

Employing Chatbots

In line with content personalization, the use of chatbots can help ensure fast responses and tailored conversations with countless customers at the same time.

Nobody has the patience to wait for your business’s office hours to speak with someone about your products and services. Although most AI-powered virtual agents are still incapable of holding in-depth discussions, they have been good enough to answer basic questions, solve simple problems, and gather and record feedback.

Nevertheless, chatbots are bound to become more intelligent as time goes by. Their knowledge can grow as your repository of customer data increases and your ability to read such information improves.

Reaching Out to Influencers

Another excellent tactic to humanize your brand is to collaborate with influencers. These internet rock stars not only have an impressive following but they also never fail to command attention.

Make no mistake about it, influencers are basically celebrity endorsers who have found their niche in the market.

Using them for marketing is an old practice. But what you should aim come 2020 is to start building long-term relationships with them in hopes of having loyal brand followers.

Using AI to Monitor Consumer Sentiment

When your customer base gets too big, it becomes humanly impossible to keep track of everything people say about your brand. Again, you have to rely on AI to boost your capability to analyze consumer sentiment.

AI-powered tech is able to efficiently monitor brand mentions, especially across various social networking sites. This technology then can classify each opinion as positive, neutral or negative. Real-time and accurate sentiment analyses are good for public relations, helping you manage bad reviews and fix any blemishes on your business’s image in record time.

Moreover, combing the web for brand mentions can further improve your site’s SEO through more inbound links. There is a proper way to turn linkless mentions into links, and there are no guarantees, of course. But knowing which websites are talking about your small business is the crucial first step.

Implementing a “Life Cycle” Marketing Strategy

If you believe that online marketing is just a driver of lead conversion, you will miss out on opportunities to generate revenues from your existing customers. The buyer’s journey has not been linear in a long time, so you should sustain your marketing vigor past the awareness stage.

Start looking at the entire buyer’s journey (the life cycle) in an integrated fashion. Focusing on a single campaign or a particular platform will not cut it anymore. Rather, have a 360-degree view of your prospective and existing customers based on their activities across various devices and channels to capitalize on every touchpoint.

Smart small business marketers use automation to nurture customer relationships all the time. Do not give up on unconverted leads and lost customers too easily. Audit their journeys, and use AI to continuously court them after they have stopped interacting with your brand.

The Bottom Line

Marketing is a dynamic art. The said business marketing trends are proof that you can’t rest on your laurels if your small business is to stay ahead of the pack. Moreover, you should not be discouraged by the dominance of market leaders. Keep your eyes and mind open to quickly unlearn obsolete practices, while mastering the new ones that really work!

IIija Acimovic