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Tips for C-Suite Women in Environmental Tech

Tips for C-Suite Women in Environmental Tech

Make no mistake — as of 2020, “sustainability” has evolved into much more than simply a marketing buzzword. For professionals working in the field of environmental tech, it’s the perfect time to influence buyers. Of course, your mission to help conserve natural resources and reduce the effects of climate change is beneficial for humanity overall, but it’s also a savvy business move in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Environmental technology is traditionally a male-dominated field, yet it is the industry’s female executives who are poised to lead the green revolution into the future. Interestingly, science even backs up the extreme potential inherent in environmental tech’s female leaders. Research indicates that the two dominant genders actually think differently when it comes to environmental issues.

Use Sustainable Technology to Your Advantage

For instance, a 2014 study found that women are more likely to work towards environmental protection than their male counterparts. What’s more, the strong environmental attitudes and behaviors seen more frequently in women than men were consistently observed across age and geographical boundaries. Researchers further determined that women adhere to their personal environmental standards both at home and in their workplace.

So how can C-suite women bring more of a balance to environmental tech, while also maintaining expected profit margins and fueling company growth? “Women-owned businesses across the globe are using technology to grow,” writes Liz Alton at Connection, and female entrepreneurship numbers are steadily rising across the globe. It’s time for female leaders in environmental tech to join the bandwagon.

Start by advocating for cutting-edge technology and methods that are backed by strong research, such as stationary energy storage products and solar geoengineering. By integrating innovative, sustainable technologies into your business model, you’re likely to see lucrative results on both an international and national level.

Strive for an Equal Voice

The goal of the modern environmental scientist is to work towards eradicating the negative impacts of human involvement on the Earth’s natural spaces. And as the research has shown us, women may be better suited for the job than men. That doesn’t mean that women in environmental tech get an equal voice, however.

But the good news is that environmental tech’s gender disparity seems to be changing Take the sub-field of geoengineering, for example, where intelligently designed technology is improving our natural spaces in addition to the quality of life. Researchers from the University of California San Diego recently reported that solar geoengineering may help mitigate climate change as well as income equality.

The results of the UCSD study are promising both for nations with a fragile climate-economy relationship but also for improved gender relations in geoengineering as a whole. That’s because the study’s corresponding author is a woman: UCSD assistant professor Kate Ricke.

Without even setting out to become so, Ricke is now a trailblazer in the field of environmental tech. It’s time for women with a marketing background to follow suit.

Go With the Flow of Continuous Change

To that end, it would be prudent for female executives to implement technologically-fueled changes as soon as that tech is unveiled. And keep in mind that accuracy is essential to your bottom line and reputation. So, when implementing a new strategy or technology, be prepared to stand by your decision with cold, hard facts.

You should also remain aware of the stubborn nature of humanity and be prepared for some pushback on even the most streamlined tech innovations. In some situations, it may even be in your best interest to utilize a method known by software engineers as continuous integration. Rather than waiting until the elusive “perfect moment,” implement new processes sooner rather than later.

Seasoned engineers believe that continuous integration allows teams to clearly see the big picture and the ways in which new changes fit into that preconceived model. In environmental tech, the concept of a “big picture” is a useful metaphor for the Earth itself, as well as an effective change management tool. Lead by example, and always ensure that your primary goal — protecting the Earth for future generations — is emphasized in your overall business strategy.

Keep the Future of Business in the Hands of Females

Quite literally, the fate of humanity rests within the field of environmental tech. Of course, like the modern digital media landscape, sustainable technology is continuously evolving. And as it changes, so must we adapt and prepare for what lies ahead.

Fortunately, the women of environmental tech are leading the charge towards a sustainable and prosperous future. Corporate social responsibility is no longer seen as just a trend; rather, companies of all sizes have come to view it as a way into the future of both business and sustainability.

We’ve come a long way since implementing in-office recycling programs was seen as progressive. Almost overnight, environmental tech has grown from a fringe field to one of humanity’s most crucial career paths, with women playing an indispensable role. In the future, the industry’s women will remain the catalysts of environmental policy changes and purposeful profit strategies.

And preserving your company’s integrity and attracting a large client base is just the beginning. Female executives in environmental tech should continuously work to keep the big picture, the health of the Earth, at the forefront of your business methods, as well as your daily life.

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