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The Difference Between a Webinar and a Webcast

Webinars vs. Webcasts

websWe’ve already told you all about webinar companies, but they’re often confused with webcasts, so I’d like to explain the difference. So what’s the difference between a webinar and a webcast? It’s not complicated, though there is a little bit of wiggle room.


Webinars are designed for the smaller groups, from meeting-sized groups, to online events involving hundreds of people. They often include many of the options available with online meetings, such as Q&A, polls, whiteboard and markup abilities. So webinars are full-featured presentations or events for a few hundred or (often) far fewer individuals.


Webcasts are primarily with video and slides, or video-only and are based on a video-to-user model. In other words, they’re more like a (possible live) television show than a meeting. Large webcasts can handle thousands or even tens of thousands of viewers. So webcasts are audiovisual experiences aimed at larger audiences, the trade-off being fewer options for the end users.