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The Best Offline Marketing Ideas No One Told You About

The Best Offline Marketing Ideas No One Told You About

Successful companies’ marketing strategies are a carefully crafted blend of effective online and offline marketing approaches. All too often, businesses make the mistake of giving online marketing great focus and completely ignoring offline marketing, losing the opportunities the latter makes available. Here are some offline marketing ideas you probably never imagined worked so well, which will drive traffic to your website or online store!

Give Print Media Interviews

Print media are always on the lookout for interesting stories, and there’s a great story in every industry. If your company is experiencing growth or working in a small niche market, reporters might approach you for an interview.

Your interviews will be printed and readers will find out about your brand. They might search for it online and find your site or online store.

Hand Out Business Cards!

Although business cards hail from an era past, they are still essential. They let people get in touch with you and your business quickly and easily. People remember your business because of what’s on the card, including your address and website. Don’t hesitate to have business cards made and do hand them out at every chance you get.

Uniforms and Clothes

Attract more potential customers by including your website on employee shirts or uniforms. Have the address printed on T-shirts and hand them out. Wear company T-shirts everywhere you go – you and your staff will become walking ads.

Organize Competitions

Competitions have universal appeal because people have an innate desire to prove themselves, especially at things they’re good at and when there is a decent reward in store. Think about what kind of prize your customer base would compete for, what type of skills they would have, and what kind of competition would be interesting for them based on that.

Tap the Potential of Trade Shows

Albeit an expensive and time-consuming offline marketing idea, it’s one that never fails to yield returns. At the bare minimum, trade show visitors interested in featured services or products will become aware of your brand. If you can’t afford a booth, ask another local business if they’d be willing to split the cost of one. This strategy works because word-of-mouth marketing still does. Conventional networking hasn’t gone anywhere. Attend craft fairs and any other events related to your segment.

Season’s Greetings

People love getting and giving seasonal cards. They have the potential to create meaningful engagement between the giver and the receiver. A lot of companies sent out seasonal cards in the past. Be a company that adheres to tradition because many people still enjoy receiving them.

Invest in Pamphlets and Press Releases

An appealing pamphlet can be hard to design, but it’s a nifty offline marketing tool. There’s no denying the importance of presentation. First impressions are key. Invest in quality pamphlets and leave them in visible places. These include parks, business places, even bathrooms (and especially if relevant – ex. you’re manufacturing toiletries).

Likewise, press releases are a very smart investment. A well-written one will come at a price, but it’s worth it because it will spread the word about your company, product, or service effectively. Press releases also provide companies with shareable content and can spark curiosity.

A press release doesn’t have to be complicated. It should include the name of your company, contact details, website, and some news. You can send it directly to any medium and ask them to publish it. Press releases can include news about an innovative or new product, service, site, or online store. Also consider events you’re organizing or hosting, like public speaking events or contests.

Organize and Attend Educational Events

Educational events like workshops are a great way to engage with your local community, be seen, and learn a useful new skill. Grab your business cards and make a beeline for the next workshop near you. It’s a chance to network and meet like-minded folks. If you can, organize your own workshop. People love workshops and appreciate businesses that initiate them. You can boost your business’ visibility through a workshop on a relevant subject.

Engage with Locals

It’s “in” to support local businesses today. There are several reasons for this: the backlash against big corporations, being proud that there’s a successful business in your area, and more. Use the trend and turn locals into customers.

Branded Items

We talked about clothes and uniforms, but branding goes beyond that. We’ve all seen the name of a business on a coffee cup, the side of a pen, or another item. Branded items are perhaps the most popular offline marketing strategy, and that’s no accident. Most people have at least one such item in their home. Branded items can be a great commercial if done right. You need an appealing logo and your website address on the item. Ideally, the logo and site should depict what your company offers. If customers don’t have this information, the item might not provoke interest.

Speak at Events

Look for an event relevant to your offerings, one that’s ideally taking place in a good location, and prepare to speak on topics you’re knowledgeable about. Practice your stage voice. Nothing boosts visibility like speaking in front of potential customers. Because it is useful to everyone involved, speaking at events is among the most successful offline marketing strategies.

If you speak on topics you’re an expert on at an event, chances are a lot of attendees will sit up and take notice. You’ll make a great impression, which is something you can harness and use for your business. Don’t forget to hand out pamphlets or business cards at the end of the event.

Office Signs

Last but certainly not least, you can feature your website address on signs on and in the area of your office to increase traffic to it. Put up a sign on your store or office windows with text. Nothing will draw attention to your business and offerings like customized neon lights with the text “Top offers at (your website)” at or near your storefront.

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