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How to Target Millennials with B2B Content

target-millennialsMillennials are already a hot market for B2C, but in recent years, this generation has also gotten the attention of B2B marketers. After all, we’re growing up, which means we’re moving out of those first post-college jobs and into management positions. In other words, millennials – some of whom are now in their mid-30s – are making some big B2B buying decisions at work. Once you realize why you should target millennials as a B2B marketer, you can focus on adapting your content to this generation.

Are Millennials Really Reading B2B Content?

There’s a common misconception that millennials are mostly either unemployed or still in college. That may be true for the younger members of this generation, but the reality is that millennials are now the largest generation in today’s workforce. This means that targeting only members of generation X with B2B content no longer makes sense. In fact, generation X makes up the smallest portion of the workforce, and of course baby boomers are retiring at a rapid pace.

Maybe that’s why millennials now comprise about 46 percent of B2B buyers, compared to just 27 percent in 2012. And this percentage will just keep rising as the younger millennials graduate from college and eventually get into positions where they make purchasing decisions for their company. So are millennials really reading B2B content? Yes, and more will start reading it every year from here on out. Here’s how to proceed now that you have this information.

Publish Informative, Interesting Content

Skip the ‘super salesy’ content if you want to appeal to millennials in purchasing positions. Instead, fill your blog with the information B2B buyers need to know as they browse products and services online. After all, millennials love finding helpful information instantly, so searching online to gain awareness of a product, compare features, and make purchases is par for the course.

This is why you should make sure your company comes up in the millennials’ search for your products and services. Write blog posts about the features and benefits of what you sell, and occasionally post links to articles that will help readers on their journey toward making purchasing decisions. Be sure to throw in some humor and fun images, and keep the content easy to read with subheadings, bullet points, and lists. And then post links to those blogs and other helpful content on social media – especially Facebook – since one study found that 85 percent of millennial B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions.

Make It Mobile Friendly

At this point, all of your content should be easily opened on mobile devices, whether you’re targeting millennials or baby boomers. Practically everyone has a smartphone that they use to search, contact businesses, and buy products online. So make sure your website looks good on smartphones and tablets or you risk missing out on sales.

You can do this by having a responsive design that adapts to the device on which it is opened. Don’t be afraid to leave some white space on your mobile-friendly site, since filling the screen with lots of images and text can slow down the loading time and make it hard to read. Finally, avoid using Java or Flash if you want to make sure your site opens on everyone’s mobile device.

Use Video

Like mobile, video has become highly popular over the years. But it has a special place in the average millennial’s heart. You might already know that this goes for B2C, considering the following facts:

  • 4 out of 5 millennials find it helpful to watch video content when researching a purchase
  • 7 out of 10 will watch a company video as they shop online
  • 6 in 10 millennial shoppers would rather watch a company video than read a newsletter

Not surprisingly, the facts are about the same for millennials making B2B buying decisions. More specifically, YouTube found that:

  • 7 out of 10 B2B buyers watch videos during the buying process
  • B2B buyers watched nearly 900,000 hours of videos from brands in 2014 alone
  • Almost 1 in 2 B2B buyers watch at least 30 minutes of videos before making a purchase

As you can see, it’s important to know that almost half of your readers are in the millennial generation right now, because this information should affect your B2B marketing strategy. So if you don’t already include video, mobile, and informative content in your B2B plans, now is the perfect time to change that – before millennials make up even more than half of your audience!