In today’s increasingly digital marketplace, video is a necessity. In order for your business to connect with consumers and cultivate an attractive brand image, your company must know how to effectively use video. Modern consumers need to feel a connection with a brand and product. Video is the perfect channel for your business to create meaningful content potential customers can identify with. But how can video be used a useful tool in the actual sales process? Also, how can you use video to create a connection with customers? The answers to these questions and more are in How to Close More Business with Video. Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at some of the content included in this whitepaper.

The Importance of Social Selling

The modern buyer doesn’t purchase products for what they do—they purchase products from companies and brands they identify with. The increasing importance of creating and cultivating a relatable and identifiable brand has escalated the relevance of social selling. Creating unique, engaging, and relatable video content that can be shared via multiple social media sites allows buyers the ability to share your content to a wide variety of followers and friends. The more buyers view your video content, the more exposure your brand gets. Social selling is now a vital part of the sales effort—and using video is the most effective medium.

How Do You Use Video?

Creating, maintaining, and distributing your own video content can be a daunting task. With so many options to reach buyers, which ones are the most effective and will equate to closing more business? In How to Close More Business with Video there is a detailed list of seven practical ways to engage buyers through video content.

This list isn’t simply bullets and footnotes—it’s a comprehensive, structured list designed specifically to help you use video to boost sales and acquire new customers. Even if you or your company is new to using video, this list lays out the foundation for creating relevant and helpful videos, as well as when, where, and how to share them in order to maximize the effectiveness of the videos.

In today’s marketplace, competition is fierce. Using video effectively can give your sales team the boost it needs to close more business. From what buyers want out of a brand and its content, as well as how to craft, create, and distribute video in the most effective way to gain and reach more buyers. If you or your sales team use video download How to Close More Business with Video for invaluable insight on how you and your business can optimize the potential of video.