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6 Steps to a Successful Video Town Hall Event

One of the best ways to engage your employees and quickly share important information is to set up a town hall event. This is even more important now with employees working from home. This type of meeting is meant to

Executive & Corporate Video Communication Guide

The use of video has grown immensely in recent years, beating out plain text as the most effective way to communicate. In fact, 59% of business executives said if they had to choose between text and video, they’d choose to

7 Reasons Referrals Are the Best Option for Sales

Referrals are among the most powerful ways to increase sales, and they’re often the most affordable. After all, getting referrals is as simple as providing a great product or service, and then waiting for those satisfied customers to start spreading

MarTech Trends: A Look at How Marketing Leaders Are Using Marketing Technologies

It’s estimated that the martech solutions market has grown from less than 200 solutions in 2011 to almost 5,000 in 2017. Why? The same reason any market grows: increased demand. So there are more than 5,000 marketing technology (martech) vendors

Six Steps to Kick Start Your Video Marketing [ebook]

Believe it or not, video will make up 80% of global consumer traffic by 2019 – just a short year away. Consumers today are looking for a real connection with the brand offering their favorite product, instead of just the

Large-Scale Webcasting Services Survey Report

Discover How Industry Experts, Engineers and Executives Use and Assess Webcasting Services. Streaming Media magazine and Unisphere Research, along with Onstream Media Corp. and Transitions, Inc., set out to gauge trends in Large-Scale Webcasting by crafting a survey on viewing

Cost of Owning Your Own Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation platforms provide businesses with a multitude of benefits. However, many companies purchase marketing automation platforms without researching the total cost and how the platform will impact other business functions. Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership is a

How to Win Fans & Influence Purchases with Influencer Marketing

Today, marketing is evaluated by how quickly brands are able to keep up with digital trends and publish relevant content. This is the age of the connected, empowered, and visually-driven consumer. With 92% of consumers trusting recommendations from their immediate