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Report Reveals Some Secrets to Success for Travel Brands on Instagram

Instagram Travel BrandsIf your brand deals at all with travel, you need to make Instagram one of your marketing tools.  According to a recent report, this social network is invaluable for brands in the travel industry. More specifically, Chute found that Instagram users shared over 98 million travel-related pictures on this platform, and the top brands on Instagram shared mostly user-generated content. That means that rather than going out and taking pictures themselves, the most successful brands on Instagram rely on their fans to do it. If you’re intrigued by this approach, or are just curious about the top performers on this platform, check out what Chute discovered in its report called 2017 State of Travel on Instagram.

What Were the Top Brand Accounts and Why?

Chute’s research found that the following were the top accounts on Instagram in 2016:

If you look at any of these accounts, you’ll see lots of breathtaking photos. But that doesn’t mean they have a stable of photographers traveling all over the world taking pictures for Instagram. Instead, these brands encourage their fans to share their photos with their audience. They also share the work of professional photographers and travelers, giving them full credit with links to their own Instagram pages, of course.

Top Influencers in Travel on Instagram

As influencers seem to be so important in the social media world, it made sense for Chute to determine the top influencers in the travel category on Instagram. They included:

You might notice that most of these influencers are not strictly in the travel industry. In fact, most are into fashion and cosmetics—one is a world class athlete—than travel. And yet travel brands can benefit from their help because, according to Chute, everyone takes vacations at some point. Working with influencers with a focus other than travel can allow brands to get access to a bigger audience. If an influencer has millions of followers, travel brands that partner with him or her will benefit from the great exposure among people who may also have an interest in travel and be ready to follow. And it helps that travel has so many facets—an influencer could feature anything from sunglasses to a new car on their page and still appeal to people interested in travel.

What Do Travel Fans Post About on Instagram?

A perfect example of the varied interests of travel fans is the hashtags they used most in 2016. According to Chute’s research, the top four topics included:

  • #Nature – 14%
  • #Summer – 10%
  • #Adventure – 9%
  • #Beach – 8%

But #architecture, #fashion, and #art all made the list, too. In addition, it’s good to know that the most talked about destination for the travel-obsessed Instagram users was Italy, with 4 percent of travel pictures noting this country. In particular, Rome was the most popular city, since 17 percent of the Italy-related travel posts mentioned it. So if you’re not sure which topics to mention on your Instagram page, and you want to attract travel fans, these ideas should get you started!

You can find out more about what Chute’s 2017 State of Travel on Instagram found when you download the whole report. Then let us know what you thought. Are you surprised at the top brands, influencers, or topics when it comes to travel on Instagram?