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Pinterest’s New Features Include Promoted Video

promoted-video-pinterestPinterest was once known for being all about pictures, but video has become increasingly popular on this platform, which is why Promoted Video – or video ads – is among its latest features. After all, Pinterest recently reported that there’s been a 60 percent increase in videos on the site, so it makes sense to give users more of the format they seem to want. If you’re considering advertising on Pinterest, here’s what you need to know about its video ads and other new features.

Why Pinterest Needed Promoted Video

Many other social networks already have video ads, so Pinterest seems to be late to the party. However, it’s possible that this site’s Promoted Video will find more success for advertisers than other sites have. This is because the point of adding video ads to Pinterest is to make it easy for viewers to buy the products they see on the site, since about 55 percent of its audience already thinks of it as a great shopping destination. Just 12 percent of people say that of other social networks.

For this reason, each Promoted Video will be shown with featured pins beneath it that show viewers how to use or buy the product. For example, anyone watching a video ad by bareMinerals will see related pins underneath it, complete with a picture of one of the featured products next to a button that says “buy it.” Clearly, online shoppers will appreciate the ease of buying on Pinterest, as will the brands that put up video ads.

How Pinterest’s Video Ads Will Work

Brands will have a lot of flexibility with the video ads they put up on Pinterest. Videos can be any length and in any format, including landscape, portrait, or square. They can focus on products in just about any category, including beauty, entertainment, food, or fashion. So far, some of the brands that have tested video ads on Pinterest include Lionsgate, bareMinerals, Garnier, and Old El Paso, to name a few.

The main feed on Pinterest will include quick previews of video ads, but the full ads will only play – complete with sound – once viewers click on them. At that point, related pins will also show up for viewers. Note that Pinterest will charge brands per impression, so they will have to pay any time the video preview even appears in the main feed, not just when someone watches it.

Who Can Place Video Ads on Pinterest

Currently, only big brands that already have a managed account with Pinterest can create video ads on the site. This is in contrast to the way Promoted Pins are handled through software, since you’ll have to contact a salesperson to set up a Promoted Video.

But eventually, smaller brands will be able to create video ads on Pinterest, too. If you’re interested in this opportunity, you can sign up here to get on the list for Promoted Video. In the meantime, you can enjoy the other features Pinterest recently rolled out.

Other New Features on Pinterest

This social network has been working on improving some of its functions, such as messaging, sending pins, and organizing the news feed. For example, previously you could only send messages to people you were following on Pinterest. But now you can send a message or invitation even to people you aren’t following or who aren’t following you.

Another change affects the way you can send pins. More specifically, now you can send pins to people through text message, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. And the final Pinterest change is the ability to turn off the “Picked for you” feature, which gives you recommendations to pin. If you don’t want to see these suggestions in your news feed, you can turn off the feature in the settings.

Are you glad to see these new Pinterest features? And do you plan to try out Promoted Video for your brand?