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Pinterest Marketing Strategies: 5 Critical Keys for Businesses

Pinterest Marketing Strategies: 5 Critical Keys for Businesses

According to Silicon Valley’s Favorite Forecaster Mary Meeker; as she writes in her Tech Trends 2017 book Pinterest is the best place to browse for and to buy products when compared to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat. Pinterest is # 1 for buying products on social platforms.

As a matter of fact 93% of the people on Pinterest also use Pinterest to plan for anything and everything under the sun. Everything including; making a recipe, to organizing their home, to saving articles to read later, to help with stress, finances, relationships and more.

If you haven’t leveraged Pinterest marketing for your small business it’s time to step back and rethink your 2018 marketing plans. I’m going to reveal five key strategies small businesses must use to be successful on Pinterest.

Reality check:  Trying to be on every social network is a time consuming and difficult task so I want to recommend that you stop making that mistake. You know there is not enough time to do more than two socials correctly and consistently.  Decide if Pinterest marketing is one of the two you want to focus on and if so get locked in and apply these strategies below to make more sales with Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies: 5 Critical Keys for Businesses

  1. You need visuals for Pinterest and lots of them.

I think we can agree that regardless of what social you decide to invest in you need visuals because they help increase engagement. One of the most important tips I can give those of you who blog or write articles is that on Pinterest certain types of images work best. You have to know that ahead of time and use the correct images in order to drive boat loads of traffic to your website.

For a fact there are certain kinds of images that will get more attention than others on Pinterest.

For example, 96% of images on Pinterest are not branded which is a great opportunity for your businesses because if you brand your images you stand out from the competition. Consistent branding is important on Pinterest. For bloggers and writers please brand your images and make sure you have text overlay on your images so that Pinners know what they will learn if they click on your image.

There is definitely some science to what images to use and how to use them on Pinterest and it should be taken seriously if you want to get more traffic and sales. In my Pinterest Marketing for Business online course I reveal at least 17 types of images that get high engagement on Pinterest.

If you do not want to invest in creating content and images you should use other social platforms and forget Pinterest. For example, if you’re a sales coach and you want to get more leads but you don’t have a blog then you should consider LinkedIn.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies: 5 Critical Keys for Businesses

  1. If your customers and those you want to attract are the millennials, moms, and women in general then you need to be on Pinterest.

The largest audience on Pinterest happens to be the millennial moms. That’s important because they comprise the fastest-growing consumer segment in America and millennial buyers are projected to spend an annual $1.4 trillion by 2020. (BTW, 30% of Pinterest users today are men!)

Pinterest is literally a catalogue of ideas that women use to plan. If you have content that can help them when they are in the planning stages of achieving their goals then consider Pinterest and connect with these buyers before they buy from someone else.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies: 5 Critical Keys for Businesses

  1. You’ve got to learn more to earn more.

There are so many businesses out there trying to figure out how to master Pinterest on their own. Are you kidding me? I do this full time, over 50 hours a week for 5 years and I’m still learning new things about Pinterest because they make changes so often. You cannot learn to master Pinterest as a side job or a hobby.

Second, too many people think Pinterest is easy; that they can just slap an image on there, they will get found and lots of people will go to our website. It that were the case our agency would not exist today.

The smartest thing anyone can do is to get help from a proven expert. Someone who is qualified and who’s been there, done that. This way you do not have to repeat the same mistakes they once made. You use experts to fix your car, fix your computer, do your taxes; you need expert advice or at least expert education to use Pinterest properly.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Mistakes cost money. Avoid winging it because I guarantee you’ll fail and you’ll wonder why you didn’t find success on Pinterest.

Third, stop reading every Pinterest blog out there because Pinterest makes changes every month, sometimes more. This means that most of the blogs are out of date and incorrect in a month.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies: 5 Critical Keys for Businesses

  1. You will need lots of patience.

Pinterest success doesn’t happen overnight. Think marathon, not sprint. Pinterest will pay off if you decide to really commit to it. In life, in general many of us want bigger, better, faster results with less effort. Be patient with Pinterest.

Sometimes it can happen faster too. For example, we helped our client Shefit increase their website traffic by 247% within the first month! They didn’t have any blogs at the time and very few products to sell so we were pretty happy to see that much traffic flow to their site from Pinterest.

Expect at least three to six months before you begin to see an ROI from Pinterest marketing.

  1. You have to master Pinterest SEO

Reality check: Pinterest is a search engine similar to Google.  Did you know that?

What that means to you is that you want to rank on the top of the search results for your chosen keywords.

For example: if you sell golf balls, and someone goes to Pinterest and types golf balls in the search box and hits enter, hundreds of businesses that sell golf balls come up, just like if you did the same thing on Google.  Do you want to be found in the first, second or third spot or 97, 98 and 99? If you are not first, second or third you miss out on all that buying traffic. Get it?

You have to understand this. Pinterest is a search engine so you must learn to master Pinterest SEO strategies and tactics to win on Pinterest. You can learn it in my course, or we can do it for you but if you fail at Pinterest SEO you’ll never maximize the power of Pinterest in your business.

Getting more traffic is top of mind for any business owner. However, many small businesses and bloggers aren’t doing it correctly on Pinterest. There are some keywords that work better than others and unfortunately many don’t know how to figure this out.

Pinterest has its own search engine which is NOT exactly the same as using Google keywords.

Quality content is equally as important so you have to do both to be successful.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies: 5 Critical Keys for Businesses

In summary you have learned:

  1. There are certain types of visuals that do well on Pinterest.
  2. If you want to attract Millennials be on Pinterest.
  3. Be smart about getting the right help.
  4. It will take at least three to six months before you can see a meaningful ROI.
  5. You need to master Pinterest SEO. (Or get someone who can for you)

There’s a lot you need to know about how to be successful on Pinterest, it’s certainly not just these five strategies I have revealed. But these are some of the basic ones.

If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me, a Pinterest account management expert about my Pinterest account management services or to learn more about how you can be more effective on Pinterest check out my Pinterest Marketing Course for Business. Chapter one is FREE.

This article was first published on Integrated Marketing Association.

Anna Bennett