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Pepsi to Provide Augmented Reality at 2015 Super Bowl

Right now, millions of people are gearing up for the 2014 Super Bowl. But Pepsi is already thinking about 2015’s big game.
In fact, the fountain drink empire is activating about 20 million cans of soda with augmented reality (AR) to support its sponsorship of Super Bowl XLIX, which will take place in 2015 (source: The AR plan is mobile-based and is powered by the Blippar app. By scanning a soda can with an app-enabled mobile device, consumers can gain a unique viewing experience of a locker room scene, and can enter to win tickets to the 2015 Super Bowl. Right now, cans are available for purchase in throughout the Northeast.

According to CEO of London-based Blippar Ambarish Mitra, product packaging is still of paramount importance to consumers:

“CPG brands are recognizing that the package itself can be a vehicle to spark consumer engagement and interaction.”

The can also directs users to a microsite, where customers can engage with others who are using the same product and can link up to a larger social media campaign. The plan is expected to run through March 31.

Pepsi’s use of augmented reality to support its Super Bowl sponsorship is a prime example of how the technology is finally reaching the highest level of media attention. It proves that AR is an excellent vehicle for marketers to engage in moving forward into 2014 and is capable of driving new lead generation through increased user interaction.

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By Eric Vidal – Eric Vidal, Sr. VP, Lead Generation, Broadsuite Media Group