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Webcasting & Online Events 2016 Benchmark Report: How do your webcasts and events stack up?

Katherine P. Jordan – VP of Marketing, INXPO.

online-events-2016-inxpoComparing your webcast and online event performance against a set standard is key to see just how well you are measuring up.  Capturing a slice of your target audience’s time during a busy workweek can be challenging.  In exchange for an individual’s time and in most cases demographic information, you have to offer them a unique experience that they won’t be able to get anywhere else. 

INXPO recently published its Webcasting & Online Events 2016 Benchmark Report highlighting some of the top webcasting and online event benchmarks.  In the report, we look at relevant attendance and engagement analysis to better inform future programming for our customers.

A few highlights before I let you dive right into the report:

  1. Most popular days to schedule webcasts and online events are Tuesdays – Thursdays. Tip: These match Email Marketing best practices as well. Find out what happens when you try to schedule an event on a Friday.
  2. Presentations are still being scheduled for 60mins but the average view time is between 37-43mins. Tip: Shorter presentations are key to keep your attendees engaged.
  3. Video is the future of webcasting and online events rising year over year.  Tip: No one wants to watch a PPT move while someone talks over it anymore, show your face it’s only HUMAN!

Just like some of the benchmarks collected, online events and webcasts are rich with data, and provide so many great insights about online user behavior making us smarter marketers. 

Want to learn more? Download the free report here.

Katherine P. Jordan – VP of Marketing, INXPO