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Most Simple and Cost-Effective Ad Types for Your Business in 2019

Most simple and cost effective ad types for your business in 2019

Are you running ads to target your prospects? Is it the right campaign type for your market?

Running ads is quite expensive and also complex. Especially, deciding which ad platform benefits your business the most at a less price takes longer time than usual. This tricky act of finding the best ad types for your business can be made much easier with the right information.

However, if you’re unsure where to find the right information, you’re at the right place. Here, we’re going to explain four different cost-effective ad types. For each of these ad types, we’ll explore its function, cost, and pros along with the example.

1. Google Search Ads

Most Simple and Cost-Effective Ad Types for Your Business in 2019

Google Search Ads gives maximum visibility to your business by placing your content on top of the search result. It’s one of the popular modes of PPC where you pay only when a user clicks on your ad. This cost-effective advertising stream works best without any SEO strategies.

Google Ads are based on an auction model. The auction determines whether your ad is displayed and the position it ranks on the search page. That is,

  • Google finds every keyword that matches the user’s search query.
  • Google Ads ignore searches that aren’t qualified or appropriate.
  • The remaining advertisements with a higher rank will appear on top of the search result. The factors that determine the rank are – ad quality, bid, ad rank thresholds, the impact of extensions, the search context, and other ad formats.

What is the Cost of Google Search Ads?

The Cost-Per-Click (CPC) on Google Ads varies between $1 and $2 on an average. However, it depends on your location, industry, and keywords. Since some keywords are more expensive than others, it’s your choice to decide which keywords to use for cost-efficient ad campaigns.

Here are top 5 most expensive Google Search Ad Keywords:

  • Business services – $58.64
  • Bail bonds – $58.48
  • Casino- $55.48
  • Lawyer – $54.86
  • Asset Management – $49.86

Benefits of Using Google Search Ads:

  • You can reach users during the critical stages where they aren’t going to purchase from you, but interested in researching what to buy.
  • Businesses can easily out-rank their competitors by staying on top of the search results and gaining more visibility.
  • You can fix maximum CPC limits, to ensure you’re not going out of the range of viability.

The bottom line here is that Google may cost more than other platforms, but the potential benefit of reaching targeted users can easily be worth it.


Most Simple and Cost-Effective Ad Types for Your Business in 2019

Image Source: WordStream

Consider this example from Berwick Shellfish, a fresh seafood family business. The company saw a ten-fold rise in new customers, with almost 70-80 percent of online sales coming through Google Ads. Also, they saw 250,000+ page impressions in 12 months with approximately 12 percent rise in mailing list sign-ups, so far.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the most result-oriented and cost-effective ad types you can find online. Right from introducing your brand to the customers and creating demand for your products, it does everything essential to show people how they can benefit from it. Businesses can quickly push new users into the sales funnel via Facebook ads.

What is the cost of Facebook Ads?

The average CPA (Cost-Per-Action) of Facebook ad is somewhere around $0.40 to $1.72. However, the price varies based on the industry. Your CPA depends on –

  • The specific action you’re optimizing for
  • The type of audience you’re targeting
  • Priorities of Ad placements
  • And, also on what your competitors are doing.

Businesses can make use of bid cap option on Facebook which provides cost-controlling measures to ensure whether ad performs better at a less price. Although this option isn’t enabled by default, you can always turn it on in the budgeting section.

The good news is, the Facebook CPA has been dramatically decreased in 2019 compared to previous years.

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads:

  • You can quickly sell to the people if they do not come looking for you.
  • You can retarget the audience based on the website, app activity, and more.
  • Businesses can also target customers based on their behavior and interest.
  • You don’t have to spend more than you want to via bid caps.


Most simple and cost effective ad types for your business in 2019

Image Source: Facebook

The Facebook Ad by Pura Vida is definitely not dull. Their creative and interactive campaign resulted in 2x return on ad spend with a 14 percent increase in website purchases.

3. LinkedIn Ads

There are 645+ million users on LinkedIn making it the best place to target B2B audience. They have a variety of ad types which makes it easy to get in touch with the audience. It works similar to Facebook’s ad system, allowing businesses to target users fitting into their criteria and showing personalized ads to them.

What is the cost of LinkedIn Ads?

CPCs in LinkedIn depends heavily on targeting criteria and also the competition in your market. It has a click-through rate of around 0.025 percent, which can be further increased with hyper-targeted ad campaigns that can speak directly to your audience. LinkedIn retargeting campaigns also see higher click-through as well as conversion rates.

LinkedIn ad may cost $2 per click for in-feed placements or $0.80 per sent sponsored in the mail. The latter option is more cost-effective, and you can use them if you have a lower budget.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Ads:

  • LinkedIn ads are highly useful to reach B2B audiences, who may otherwise not engage with B2B content found on other social media platforms.
  • It comes with an excellent choice for sponsored inbox ad format, where it requires attention as if you are sending them an email.
  • LinkedIn is a rapidly growing platform with active B2B targeting functions based on job titles, client’s corporation, and more.


Most Simple and cost effective ad types for your business in 2019

Image Source: LinkedIn

Take a look at this simple ad from HubSpot, a leading marketing software provider. After receiving mixed results from advertising on other social networks, the company thought of trying LinkedIn as there is no clutter here. It’s brief, and to-the-point Text Ads helped HubSpot to achieve 60 percent increase in click-through rate.

4. Bing Ads

Most simple and cost effective ad types for your business in 2019

Bing Ads are similar to Google search ads with almost all the features and capabilities. But, it has a slightly smaller audience, who are particularly engaging. Although Google helps you reach more prospects, Bing is worth trying too. With nearly 1/3 of all online searches still happening in Bing, you can find significant potential here. You can get similar results with an engaging audience at a really less price.

What is the cost of Bing Ads?

Since the majority of businesses focus on Google, they neglect Bing, meaning that there’s lighter competition. As a result, costs go down here. The actual cost of Bing Ad depends exclusively on how competitive as well as high-value your keywords are. On average, Bing Ads may cost around 33.5 percent less per click than Google clicks, which is a considerable saving.

The 5 Most Expensive Keywords in Bing Ads:

  • Lawyers – $109.21
  • Attorney – $101.77
  • Structured settlements – $78.39
  • DUI – $69.56
  • Mesothelioma – $68.95

Benefits of Using Bing Ads:

  • Bing offers the highest return on lower costs than Google Ads. You can get more conversions with a good amount of Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).
  • Like Google Search Ads, you can quickly capture users who are just searching for products and services like yours.
  • It allows for some more granular targeting choices than other search engines, including Google.
Most simple and cost effective ad types for your business in 2019

Image Source: ThriftBooks

Bing Ads gave ThriftBooks a new way to extend their reach for high-intent customers outside of traditional search. The company was able to boost the impression of its Shopping Campaigns by 18 percent, Click traffic saw a 3 percent rise on an ongoing basis, and campaign revenue got increased by 2 percent.

Final Thought

The online advertising options mentioned here such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bing can be extremely affordable for businesses of all size. You can cost-effectively get your business in front of the masses no matter how small is your daily ad budget. So, make sure to take the support of these platforms and target your specific niche audience to increase sales.

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