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Measuring Marketing (Video)

Measuring marketing efforts has always been a top priority for a number of businesses. However, measuring the monetary ROI for marketing campaigns is also a major challenge. How is it possible to accurately measure marketing? How often should your company attempt to measure marketing, and what are the best practices for measuring marketing efforts? That’s this week’s Marketing Mash topic, and Eric Vidal aims to answer all of these questions and more!

How to Measure Marketing

Leads, sales, and revenue generation are all factors in measuring the success of your company’s marketing. However, measuring the success of a brand is hard to quantify by focusing on these three factors alone. Creating and cultivating a desirable brand image is one of the main goals for marketers, so what is the best way to measure the success of your brand’s marketing? In this week’s Marketing Mash, Eric Vidal covers multiple ways to measure the success of your company’s marketing efforts, as well as which measuring tactic to use depending on what your company’s marketing team is trying to accomplish.

When to Measure Marketing

Measuring marketing efforts can be a costly endeavor. Knowing when and how often to measure your company’s marketing can make a major difference to the results. Measuring too often may lead to unnecessary costs and inaccurate findings. Measure infrequently and you could miss out on invaluable insight from emerging markets and new demographics. Knowing when and how often to measure is just as important as how your company measures marketing efforts. Luckily, this week’s Marketing Mash includes excerpts from a recent study that contains a multitude of information from various companies about how often they measure marketing. Knowing how, and how often other companies are measuring marketing efforts will give you much needed information to formulate a plan for your business.

Eric recently wrote a post that breaks down the topic further, read: Trouble Measuring Marketing’s Impact? You’re Not Alone—Here’s How to Fix It.

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Eric Vidal – Chief Marketing Officer, The Marketing Scope – @EricVMarketing