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Mastering Audience Acquisition For Your Online Events: Define Your Target Audience

Audience-AcquisitionBy Rebecca Schingel – INXPO.

A solid audience acquisition strategy crucially dictates whether your online event will be successful. This three-part blog series will outline the strategic framework for defining, developing and deploying a measurable audience acquisition campaign.

Who is your target audience? If your response contains less characters than a typical Tweet, you need to do a little more homework.

The first phase of the audience acquisition strategy is to create target attendee profiles which will allow you to efficiently and effectively attract them to your online event. Here are a few tips to ensure your acquisition efforts reach the right people, at the right time.

What do we know about them?

  • Demographics: age, gender, location, industry, job title
  • Career Level: entry, mid, management, executive, C-suite
  • Behaviors: what they do and how they do it (e.g., reading blogs on their iPhone)
  • Interests: entertainment, sports, fitness, philanthropy

This background information provides the foundation for creating your target attendee profiles. Having a baseline understanding of who they are and what they like will allow you to message them accordingly. DOUBLE BONUS: much of this can be pulled from previous attendee lists, member databases etc.

What makes them tick?

  • Are they predominantly driven by sales performance?
  • Motivated by staying on top of the newest industry trends?
  • Determined to climb up the corporate ladder?
  • Interested in professional development or continual learning?

Knowing what excites and drives your audience will help establish a connection between your online event and how attendance will support their needs. If you need additional insights, conduct internal interviews with sales, marketing, customer/member service teams etc. to beef up your attendee profiles.

What personal or professional pain points do they have?

  • Are they struggling to juggle kids and career to maintain work-life balance?
  • Scrambling to maintain professional certifications before the recertification deadline?
  • Desperate to understand how marketing automation works?
  • Navigating unfamiliar research territory because their boss tasked them to vet mobile app solutions

Understanding your audience’s pain points will allow you to develop targeted messaging that resonates on a personal level and increases the likelihood of inspiring action to register for your online event.

Where do they go for information?

  • Professional Associations
  • Industry Influencers
  • Corporate Blogs
  • Media Sites
  • Social Media

How do they prefer to receive communications?

  • Are your attendees social media savants or compulsive email readers?
  • Quick-hit visual viewers or in-depth text fanatics?
  • Productivity powerhouses with iPads or dutifully devoted to desktop?
  • Road warriors who have mastered the art of conducting business via cell phone?

Identifying information sources and communication preferences will allow you to distribute your message where your target attendees are, in the appropriate format. This information will also help shape your positioning and outreach strategy.


With a little legwork and gumption, you’ll have a solid foundation to develop your audience acquisition strategy and tactics. To learn more about how INXPO can help you with your audience acquisition strategy visit our website or talk to us directly at

By Rebecca Schingel – INXPO.

Originally posted on the INXPO Blog.