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Marketing Week in Review – Sept 1, 2017

Marketing Week in Review – Sept 1,2017Plenty happened this month in the marketing world. Google added a new booking link to its knowledge panel, Facebook’s new Watch video hub is live, Snap Ads released new ad features, and Adobe wants to use its AI in email marketing campaigns. Let’s dive right in.

Google has added a new way to book experiences through its local knowledge panel. Google has been testing new booking formats since 2015, but the latest version has the potential to increase bookings directly from the social media site.

The new local knowledge panel will display a business’s address, hours, contact information, and a link where users can book directly from Google. In order to streamline bookings, Google has partnered with Mindbody to simply the process for both consumers and businesses. This is pretty cool, and smart on the part of Google. For consumers, the ability to book directly from Google’s new local knowledge panel makes it easy to find and book (aka ‘buy’). For businesses and marketers, it provides a mechanism by which to increase bookings (aka ‘sales’). A win for everyone. Read the full story here.

Google isn’t the only company rolling out new features. Facebook’s new feature—Watch—is officially live to U.S. users. Watch is a new video portal that will display Facebook-exclusive video from partners and advertisers. This feature will allow businesses a new way to advertise via the social media site by curating video content to be displayed in Watch. Facebook’s Watch also allows users to subscribe to specific channels. Marketers and advertisers can view the popularity of each channel to ensure maximum exposure of their content. To learn more about Facebook’s Watch feature, check out this TechCrunch article.

In other news, Snapchat’s new feature—Snap Ads—will let advertisers control the exact placement of their content. It’s no secret Snapchat has been falling behind rival Instagram, but this new Snap Ads feature hopes to gain back advertisers with the ability to pinpoint content placement.

This new feature will allow advertisers to place content in between regular people’s stories or within Snapchat-sponsored content. The feature also allows advertisers to choose what content surrounds their advertisements. For example, if a company doesn’t want its content to be situated next to a competitors, Snap Ads allows them to manually choose the placement. Since rival Instagram’s Story feature went live, advertisers have been flocking to the social media site. Snapchat’s new Snap Ads feature is a move to attempt to regain credibility with both advertisers and, they hope, users. I think the biggest problem Snapchat has is a shrinking user base. All the advertising options in the world isn’t going to change that. But we’ll watch to see how it goes.

In tech news, Adobe announced intentions to integrate AI technology into its email marketing platform. The company has been working on new AI functions for the better part of a year, and it appears they’re finally ready to roll out new capabilities for email marketers via its Sensei AI platform. While machine learning that automatically chooses the best subject lines for emails has already been in use, new AI technology will now be able to provide the right image to display for different consumers opening email content. New algorithms contained in Adobe’s AI will evaluate a variety of information to decide what image a customer is most likely to have a positive reaction to.

Email images aren’t the only new feature Adobe’s AI will be improving. A new predictive feature will evaluate how different consumers interact with email content and cater specific emails to improve customer engagement. By evaluating specific consumer preferences, Adobe’s AI will predict what content a customer is most likely to engage with, as well as the optimal time to expose customers to that content. To learn more about how Adobe’s AI works, check out this TechCrunch piece.

That’s the latest in marketing news for this update. Be sure to comment with your opinions on these stories and check back in next month to get caught up on latest in marketing news and stories.

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