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Mani Iyer: Why Lead Quality is More Important than Quantity (Video)

In this episode of the Marketing Mash video series, we chat with Mani Iyer, CEO and Founder of Kwanzoo, about account based marketing and lead quality in a recorded Blab podcast session. Kwanzoo allows B2B companies to run a range of display programs. Marketing automation has really caught on over the last couple of years and it’s very lead-centric, but there seems to be a misalignment.

Mani feels that marketing should be doing more to support sales than by just supplying leads. Warming up the leads and qualifying them is an important part of the overall process. Marketers should stop worrying about supplying a certain quantity of leads and begin to focus on the lead quality and relevancy of the leads. On that note, co-host Shelly Kramer brought up a great point: Marketers are charged with bringing in a certain number of leads, but there may be no budget given to really qualify those leads. It’s important to allocate a budget to make sure that the content being purchased to develop leads is also targeting the appropriate leads.

“It’s a mindshift.” Mani says. It should be less about leads and more about engagement. Who are your targets? Do you already know them? Instead of asking them to fill out yet another long form, engage them in another form of content.

Click the video below to take a look at the complete interview and find out exactly how Mani suggests reaching out to and converting quality leads:

Eric Vidal – Sr. VP, Lead Generation, Broadsuite Media Group – @EricVMarketing
Shelly Kramer – Contributing Writer & Co-CEO, V3 Broadsuite – @ShellyKramer
Mani Iyer – Founder & CEO, Kwanzoo – @kwanzoo