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Lead Gen Fails & Pet Peeves: Tactics You Should Avoid (Video)

In this episode of the Marketing Mash video series, Marketing Specialist Shaelyn McCormack joins Eric in sharing what unsuccessful lead generation tactics they’ve both encountered—and what ones they personally consider their pet peeves.

While lead generation can be key in producing more sales, there are some marketers who don’t quite grasp the full picture when implementing a lead gen strategy. Most businesses strive to generate high-quality leads, but the lack of appropriate preparation and setup can cause a lead generation program to fall short. Here are just some examples of unsuccessful tactics from the video that you should try to avoid duplicating:

Lead Gen Fails…

  • Using the same content for all stages in the customer journey
  • Ignoring the potential of social promotion
  • Employing low-budget, weak marketing platforms that don’t fulfill lead generation needs
  • Forgetting to set up appropriate nurture tracks with marketing automation
  • Waiting days, or even weeks, to engage with a new lead

…and Pet Peeves!

  • People filling out web forms with information that’s not their own (some even use the information of an employee who no longer works for the company!)
  • Creating lengthy and exhaustive submission forms that detract potential leads
  • Companies using misinformation or exaggerated information to promote a program
  • Expecting to get a great number of highly targeted, high-quality leads in a very short amount of time

Watch the video below to hear from Eric and Shaelyn about more tactics to avoid, and share some of your own with us in the comments:

Eric Vidal – Sr. VP, Lead Generation, Broadsuite Media Group – @EricVMarketing
Shaelyn McCormack – Marketing Specialist, Broadsuite Media Group

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