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Kick Your Brand into High Gear with Augmented Reality

What do “Avatar,” “Titanic” and “The Avengers” have in common? For one thing, they are all packed with special effects, heart-racing music, and blockbuster thrills like interspecies wars, superheroes, and the ocean swallowing history’s great unsinkable ship. But even more than that, according to Box Office Mojo they are the top three highest grossing films of all time (source:

Marketers can learn a thing or two from this — namely, excitement sells. In fact, non-action-packed films don’t even crack the top ten as far as the Box Office is concerned, after which the heart-warming “Toy Story 3” breaks things up for a brief moment.

If your brand is lacking excitement, chances are it’s not bringing in the revenue you would like. This means it’s time to look for something new …something innovative …something like augmented reality. Augmented reality gets people talking by making the naked eye seem like an inferior tool. Imagine yourself standing in Times Square, admiring the neon lights, the flashing billboards, the crowds. Now, what if you held up your smart phone, clicked on an app, and saw aliens flipping cars into the air like in “The Avengers?” This is augmented reality, and it’s not just for Hollywood.

coffee_arThere are many ways in which businesses of all sizes can use augmented reality to get people talking about products. Coffee companies, for example, may want to place unique fortunes or messages on their cups that can only be read when scanned with a specific smart phone app. Stores may decide to scatter coupons around town — coupons that can only be seen (or tracked down) using mobile devices. Both of these enhance the humdrum consumer experience of buying a mocha latte or browsing the web for promo codes. They get people excited, get people moving, and get people talking. The possibilities are endless.

How can your company use augmented reality to jump-start or revitalize your brand?

By Eric Vidal – Eric Vidal, Sr. VP, Lead Generation, Broadsuite Media Group