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How Video Can Increase Customer Engagement and Sales

How Video Can Increase Customer Engagement and SalesAre you still hesitant to hop on the video marketing trend? Maybe the following statistic will change your mind:

Landing pages with a video see an 80 percent increase in conversion over landing pages with only text.

Video marketing converts leads into customers so well because it establishes a higher level of trust with your audience. People feel more of a connection with a person when they see their face. Video allows you to humanize your brand, which is vital for reaching today’s customer. Let’s look at some ways video increases sales and improves customer service.

Create a Brand Origin Story

Eric Vidal, CMO at BMG, points out how today’s buyer puts the level of connection they feel with a brand over the function of the product when making a purchasing decision. Your product or service might be amazing, but you won’t maximize your reach without giving customers a reason to choose your brand.

Storytelling is another one of the latest marketing trends. The art of storytelling is as old as humanity, and online video is the latest medium. Use video to tell the story of how your company got started. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get the creative juices flowing:

  • What was my state of mind when I first got the idea for my business?
  • What problem was I trying to solve when I first thought of my business?
  • Who helped me in turning my idea into an actual business?
  • How do I think my business is different than other businesses in my niche?
  • What about my company has a direct positive impact on society?

The goal with a brand origin story is to show your roots. It helps build a connection that primes leads for conversion. Wrap it up with a strong call-to-action and put it on a landing page.

Develop Product Demonstration Videos

You need to be creating product demonstration videos if you have a product-based business. Over 50 percent of consumers look up a product on the Internet before they make a purchase. Consumers want to see how your product works so they can visualize it solving one of their problems.

Your personality matters just as much as the functionality of your product. The more passion you convey in your video, the higher your conversion rate.

Use Social Video to Take Your Leads Behind-the-Scenes

Video dominated the social media landscape in 2017, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2018 and beyond. Conduct an audit of all the social media profiles for your business. Which platform do you get the most engagement with your community? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all have video in some capacity.

One great way to use video on social media is to give consumers a behind-scenes-look at your brand. Have your employees do account takeovers to showcase their role within your company. Show the production process in action.

Improving trust and humanizing your brand can Increasing sales with video marketing isn’t always about generating sales directly from a video. Sometimes the goal is to improve trust and humanize your brand through transparency, which indirectly increases sales.

Build a Webinar Series to Establish Thought Leadership in Your Niche

Webinars are a great way to demonstrate your expertise, which is important for increasing sales in a service-based business.

What is your area of expertise? Start with brainstorming this question. Come up with a list of five subtopics. Now, imagine you’re talking to someone who wants to learn about your area of expertise. What information does this person need to know to have a working knowledge of this topic? Answer this question for each subtopic, and you’ll have a rough outline of a webinar series.

Use these four strategies to level up your video marketing strategy and convert more customers than ever before.

Rob Reid