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How Many People Check Their Smartphone in the Bathroom?

smartphoneNext time you see a beautiful picture on Instagram or an amusing image on Snapchat, know that the chances are good that the picture taker posted it from the toilet. Yes, that’s right, some people apparently get their best work done while multitasking in the bathroom.

In fact, according to numerous surveys taken (anonymously, of course) the majority of people regularly use their smartphone while on the toilet. Depending on which survey you look at, anywhere from 38 percent to 75 percent of people have this dirty little habit. Maybe this explains why about 19 percent of people have dropped their phone in the toilet at least once!

What Do People Do Most While on Their Smartphone in the Bathroom?

I mean, besides the obvious. The most popular task seems to be browsing social media. About one-third of people polled use social media in the bathroom. In particular, 92 percent said they check Facebook. Don’t think that doesn’t go for Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc., too! Those apps are probably just as easy to browse and post on from the bathroom as Facebook. So I’ve heard anyway…

Checking email is also a popular pastime in the bathroom. More than 38 percent of people have confessed to reading (and sending) emails while on the toilet. Not surprisingly, most of the people who are guilty of this are younger. About 80 percent of the people polled between ages 18 and 29 said yes to this question, while only about 25 percent of those 60 and up said yes. Or maybe people in the younger age groups are just more likely to admit to this habit.

We can’t forget about texting and even calling people. Yes, your friends, business contacts, etc. probably text you from the toilet once in a while. Inc.’s poll showed that 49 percent of people read text messages while in the bathroom, and 30 percent are brave enough to answer the phone in there. But you probably already suspected this that time you heard a voice coming from the next stall and wondered if the person asking “Hello? Hello? How are you?” was trying to make conversation with you or just talking on the phone…in the bathroom. Awkward.

Why Do People Insist on Using Their Phone in the Bathroom?

If you’re one of the few people who doesn’t do this, you might be intensely curious about why so many people do! But if you’re in the majority here, you already know why. When asked this pressing question, 29 percent of people said they do it just to avoid boredom. So the smartphone has basically replaced the newspaper as bathroom reading material, which is not surprising in this age of digital media.

About 12 percent of people polled said they check their mobile phone in the bathroom to avoid missing out on any important texts, emails, or phone calls. Or interesting snaps, status updates, tweets, and on and on. Hey, some people are just too busy to spend minutes at a time without a screen in front of them! Can you relate? Also, be sure to think about these findings the next time you ask to use someone’s phone!