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How 5 Brands Are Using Social Media for Valentine’s Day Marketing

Valentine's day marketingValentine’s Day is kind of a big deal, especially for brands trying to sell their products around this time of year. And considering how many people look to social media for sales alerts, recipes, gift ideas, and more, it makes sense that the big brands are doing a lot of Valentine’s Day marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Here’s a look at what five of them have come up with for this year’s Valentine’s Day social media marketing efforts.


One brand that practically every holiday brings to mind is Hallmark, and its social media pages – all five of them – are capitalizing on this. After all, this is the go-to store for cards, stuffed animals, trinkets, and pretty much any sweet little gift you can think of! So of course Valentine’s Day is this retailer’s time to shine, which is probably why its social media accounts have been marketing for this day since January.

Its Facebook page features tips on Valentine’s Day crafts, quotes about love, trailers for movies about love on the Hallmark Channel, and of course gift ideas that include Hallmark products. The Twitter page has similar posts. Hallmark also happens to be on Instagram and fills the page with images and short videos about love, relationships, and Valentine’s Day in general. And of course both the YouTube page and Pinterest account have a separate Valentine’s Day category packed with crafts, gift ideas, recipes, quotes, and more. Basically, Hallmark has this social media thing figured out, especially when it comes to this holiday.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut hasn’t been marketing for Valentine’s Day this year nearly as long as Hallmark has. After all, pizza’s big day tends to be the Super Bowl, so most of its social media posts have focused on that lately. But as soon as the big game was over (finally), its Twitter page became dedicated to showcasing the famous heart-shaped pizza. No, it’s not that romantic, but it’s practical and probably the best a pizza place can do for Valentine’s Day.

Its Facebook page has just about the same content as Twitter, which is mainly a few pictures of the heart-shaped pizza, brownies, and a pizza cookie. Variations of these images show up on Instagram,  so the brand has kept it sweet and simple, with no mention of Valentine’s Day on its YouTube page. But it works well for a pizza place, since the ties between pizza and Valentine’s Day are pretty limited!


Target is usually good about recognizing major holidays on all of its social media pages, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. In fact, it made our list of big brands celebrating Valentine’s Day on social media last year, too. This year, the Target Facebook page has lots of links to festive, heart-shaped products you can buy, as well as a way to make custom GIFs for Valentine’s Day that you can easily share with loved ones on Twitter and Facebook. Who knows, this could save some people a trip to Target to buy an actual card!

Target’s Twitter page also acknowledges the holiday, though most of the posts are the same as what you see on Facebook. Target’s Instagram, however, has original images featuring cute arrangements of its Valentine’s Day-themed products. This retailer’s Pinterest page has also been updated for the holiday, since it has a Valentine’s Day board filled with recipes, crafts, party ideas, and gift ideas featuring store products. Its YouTube page only has one video for this holiday, but that’s still one more than most brands seem to have, so they get a pass.

Ulta Beauty

It makes sense for beauty brands to get in on the Valentine’s Day marketing game, since makeup and perfume are worn and even gifted quite often on this holiday. Ulta Beauty is one example of such a brand. Its Facebook page has pictures of makeup combinations for beauty lovers, along with some suggestions on which makeup to date, which is a little unorthodox but festive nonetheless.

The Twitter page has the same pictures, but with fewer makeup dating suggestions and more makeup gifting recommendations. Ulta’s Instagram page is similar, though the YouTube and Pinterest pages don’t appear to feature any posts for Valentine’s Day.


Leave it to a craft store to go wild over Valentine’s Day on social media, and it all started in January. The Michaels brand’s pages are packed with red and pink everything, with its Facebook page offering heart-shaped cookie recipes, crafty ideas, invitations to crafting events, and pictures of products that are perfect for Valentine’s Day…and “Galentine’s Day.”

This brand’s Twitter page and Instagram page both have similar posts, with images of heart-themed sweets and crafts galore. The Pinterest page is impressive, with a Valentine’s Day board that is jam packed with links to some great ideas for celebrating this holiday. But what sets this brand’s Valentine’s Day marketing efforts apart from the rest is its YouTube page, where Michaels went all out with videos of recipes and crafts that are perfect for the holiday.

Have you or your favorite brands used social media for Valentine’s Day marketing purposes?