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How 5 Big Brands Are Using Social Media for Mother’s Day

social-media-for-mothers-dayIf you’ve browsed any social media platforms in the last week, you’ve likely seen lots of posts about Mother’s Day. Brands, in particular, have good reason to play up this holiday. The National Retail Foundation expects the public to spend around $21.4 billion this year. So what are brands doing to grab the attention of shoppers and get their share of those dollars? Many are using social media for Mother’s Day to their advantage, and here’s how.


This brand has been sharing ideas for Mother’s Day gifts on its Twitter and Facebook pages since the end of April, though sparingly. Intermixed with posts about the NFL Draft are pictures and videos featuring products that most moms would probably enjoy. The brand gets straight and to the point with just one holiday hashtag: #MothersDay. The highlight of JCPenney’s Mother’s Day social media campaign is the Mother’s Day Quiz you can take to see how many “mom-hours” you’ve put in.

Though JCPenney is pretty active on Pinterest, too, it doesn’t have a specific board for Mother’s Day. Instead, you have to dig through its board for Spring, where you’ll be rewarded with some makeup and clothing ideas for Mother’s Days gifts. And on YouTube, there’s really only one mention of Mother’s Day in a video about a recent sale, so it looks like the brand nearly forgot about this social media channel.


Leave it to a florist to go all out on Mother’s Day. Teleflora’s Twitter page is filled with eye-catching images of colorful blooms that Mom will love. Plus, Teleflora is running a contest that allows fans of the brand to win gift cards for flowers if they post the reason their mom is “one tough mother.” The brand has been retweeting the entries, which are marked with hashtags like #MothersDay, #Mom, and #OneToughMother. Its Facebook page has similar posts with the same hashtags, along with people sharing stories about their mothers. Needless to say, Telefora has prompted a lot of user engagement thanks to this contest!

Teleflora also makes good use of Instagram around Mother’s Day, since its page is packed with pictures of beautiful bouquets you can buy. And of course, its Pinterest page looks similar, with a board called Mother’s Day Flowers & Gifts. Like JCPenney, Teleflora’s YouTube page only has one video about Mother’s Day, but the page isn’t very updated in general so it’s no surprise.

Corner Bakery Café

This brand has a pretty impressive presence on Twitter when it comes to Mother’s Day, thanks to its long stream of posts all about moms. Not only has this brand been posting amusing #momquotes, but it’s also running a contest in which Twitter followers can win gift cards for posting why their moms are special, along with the #becausemom hashtag. Plus, the brand encourages people to answer questions about which famous mom they’re most like, how they plan to celebrate Mother’s Day, and more. The café then retweets the answers with the #CraveChat hashtag, resulting in more Twitter user engagement than usual.

However, it seems like this brand used all of its Mother’s Day ideas on Twitter, because the rest of its social media pages are pretty devoid of any mention of the holiday! They do have some high-quality photos of food on their Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages, though.

Alex and Ani

This brand makes eco-conscious jewelry and is active on nearly every social media platform available! Its Mother’s Day posts on Twitter and Facebook are few and far between, with a couple of reminders about when to order to get products by Sunday. Its Instagram page is a little more fun, with some pictures of great Mother’s Day gift ideas. In fact, some of the hashtags here include #mothersdaygiftideas, #mom, #mothersday2016, and #motherslove.

“A Mother’s Love” is also the name of a Pinterest board this brand made in preparation for Sunday. Here you’ll find lots of gift ideas, and they’re not all just links to products by Alex and Ani. There are also some DIY projects to try, inspiring pictures of mothers and children, and links to products by other brands, showing that Alex and Ani is far from self-serving when it comes to social media. This should encourage you to give this brand’s other pages a try, such as its mother-themed blogs on Tumblr and its YouTube video about a mother’s love.

Michael Kors

Designer Michael Kors knows what moms want for Mother’s Day, at least according to this brand’s social media pages. On Twitter, you can view a stream of mom-related tweets dating back to mid-April. Most of them include the hashtag #WhatSheWants, with pictures of products and links to the Michael Kors website so buyers can easily purchase jewelry, purses, clothes, fragrances, and more for Mom.

This brand has been featuring model Alessandra Ambrosio and her daughter in its social media posts for a little influencer marketing this Mother’s Day. And Twitter is not the only platform this brand has focused on lately. You can also see links to products, images of Alessandra and her daughter, and even videos of them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Plus, there’s a Pinterest board with gift ideas, and many of them are tagged for moms with #WhatSheWants.

What’s your favorite brand – or even your own business – doing for Mother’s Day social media marketing?