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How 5 Big Brands Are Using Social Media for Valentine’s Day

By Autumn Rivers – Contributing Writer, The Marketing Scope.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time to go buy something shiny, bake something sweet, or make reservations somewhere fancy. And brands are aware of this, which is why most of them are out in full force on social media, trying to use hip hashtags and pretty pictures to appeal to consumers. After all, the average person who celebrates Valentine’s Day spends a little over $140 on it. So it’s no wonder so many brands work hard to grab the attention of their audience using social media. Here are a few examples of what brands are doing this year.

Revlon – Love Is On

This is one brand that is no stranger to user-generated content, especially during Valentine’s Day. With the Love Is On campaign, Revlon is encouraging consumers to go to its website, upload pictures of themselves blowing a kiss, and then tag their loved ones and add the #chooselove hashtag.

When you check out the Revlon Twitter and Facebook pages, you’ll see not only the #chooselove and #loveison hashtags, but also the usual #ManiMonday, #TipTuesday, and #RevlonLooks tags that come with inspiring pictures and videos for makeup enthusiasts.

Snuggle – Bear Your Heart

The Snuggle brand is already known for being cutesy; just check out that soft, friendly bear that accompanies every ad. And it just got even cuter, because the Snuggle Bear handed out free cuddles to anyone in NYC’s Flatiron Plaza on Thursday of this week. What kind of brand is that adorable? Well, probably the same brand whose Twitter handle is @Snuggle_Bear, so maybe this isn’t that surprising.

If you’re up for more sugary sweetness this Valentine’s Day, head to Snuggle’s Twitter or Facebook page to see what the #BearYourHeart hashtag entails. Here’s a hint: it’s all about creating love notes on its website and then sharing them with your special someone on social media. While you’re on the Snuggle site, download a free “LOVEmoji” keyboard or print out and color your own Valentine’s Day card featuring Snuggle Bear, of course. Sure, this social media campaign is cuteness overload, but it definitely fits the brand perfectly.

Waffle House – It’s a Waffle House Love Story

When you think of Valentine’s Day, Waffle House probably doesn’t come to mind, unless you’ve been paying attention to the brand’s social media pages. That’s because for the 9th year in a row, Waffle House is promoting its candlelit dinner for Valentine’s Day. No, it probably won’t be romantic, but it will be unique and, well, memorable.

Anyone who does decide to make a reservation at Waffle House to enjoy the white tablecloths, special menu, and plethora of candles should make sure they capture the magic moment by taking a picture. Then they can post it to the Waffle House’s Instagram or Facebook page with the #WaffleHouseLoveStory hashtag. This is pretty much the extent of its Valentine’s Day social media efforts, but really, when you’re a diner putting on a candlelit dinner, what else do you need?

Target – Target Love Notes

Target’s taken to Twitter in a big way this February, loading it with love notes to brands like Butterfinger, Brit + Co, Olive Garden, and more. The notes are short, sweet, and full of bad puns, just the way they should be. Plus, they’re cute and colorful enough to be visually appealing, which is perfect for Twitter.

Though #TargetLoveNotes is the highlight of the brand’s Valentine’s Day social media campaign, its pages do have other fun features. For example, its Facebook page has recipes, craft ideas, and links to the “sweet deals” on the Cartwheel app.

Pillsbury – Sweets and Treats

Leave it to a company that makes sweets to get all decked out for Valentine’s Day. This brand makes use of Facebook and Pinterest for its Valentine’s Day content, though its Twitter and Instagram pages seem to be ignoring this weekend’s holiday. The brand’s Facebook page links to its website, which is crammed with great dessert recipes to make on Valentine’s Day.

If you love all things heart shaped and pink or red, you’ll appreciate all the eye candy on Pillsbury’s Valentine’s Day Sweets & Treats Pinterest page. That’s right, it’s filled with recipes ranging from heart-shaped cinnamon rolls to heart-shaped pizza. Basically, fans of heart-shaped food will dig this brand’s Valentine’s Day social media efforts.

What other brands have you seen celebrating Valentine’s Day on social media?

By Autumn Rivers – Contributing Writer, The Marketing Scope
Email:, Twitter: @AutumnEditing