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Gravity4 Announces its Ninth Acquisition, the Final Component into its Marketing Cloud

Gravity4, the world’s first High-Frequency Marketing OS, announced the acquisition of adX Search AB, one of the industry leading paid search platforms in Europe that focuses on self-serve optimization and real-time bidding. As a part of this acquisition, the Company will integrate adX Search as, G4 Search, within Gravity4’s Marketing Cloud. This marks Gravity4’s ninth acquisition in just nine months.

Gravity4 is the world’s first High-Frequency Marketing OS integrated on one platform. Automation, Simplicity, and Design have been core ingredients in all of the technology within the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud.

From day one, the Company’s goal has been to simplify marketing by humanizing the fundamental components behind it. Gravity4 offers a full suite of enterprise apps aggregating social, web, email, mobile, CRM, search, and location data for free. This allows marketers to save millions of dollars annually and enhance automation across all consumer digital touch-points.

adX Search began in 2006, and has since become an industry leader for agencies and advertisers across the globe for all paid search, real-time tracking and bidding optimization. With this acquisition, Gravity4 will expand its global presence across Europe, and welcome the adX Search team into Gravity4’s Swedish office. As a part of the ninth acquisition, Mikael A. Pettersson, Anna Edelsvard, and Nicklas Osth will join Gravity4’s European Management Team.

“The acquisition of adX Search truly completes Gravity4’s Marketing Cloud, and positions Gravity4 to compete head on with industry players such as Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce, with a focus and experience in media, not just software. We are thrilled to include this missing piece and welcome them as part of the growing global Gravity4 family,” said Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany, Board Member at Gravity4.

Gravity4’s Marketing Cloud offers a self-serve programmatic, native, and search platform for brands, agencies and publishers. Through its proprietary data management platform (DMP) using first-party data, through its Enterprise App Center, Gravity4 is able to connect advertisers with consumers across all consumer touch points.

“We have been utilizing adX Search’s state-of-the art platform for many years, now. Since the beginning, they have become an indispensable partner to develop new marketing strategies and drive consumer sales. It is tremendously exciting to see what they will do when coupled with the team and resources of Gravity4, and we look forward to exploring new opportunities with them,” said Kevin Szypula, who is the Founder and CEO of Driven Local.