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Which Emerging Technology Will Make the Biggest Impact?

emerging-technologyThere’s a new marketing technology popping up every day and, as a marketer, you are being asked to evolve and adapt at a super fast rate. Are you keeping up with every new emerging technology and how they intersect with what we do in marketing? On August 25th, 2016 (10am PT/ 1pm ET), The Marketing Scope will host a virtual event – the Marketing Technology Summit. Confirmed speakers include Daniel Newman, Best-selling Author, Contributing Writer at Forbes and Executive Writer at Converge + Jeff Gadway, Head of Product Marketing at Vidyard.

According to a recent study from SAP Hybris, more than 61% of senior marketers believe that big data engagement and intelligence will have the biggest impact. In second place- 37% believe the Internet of Things (IoT) will have the biggest impact in the marketing space. One surprising response was that only 17% of senior marketers thought that live-streaming video would continue to have an impact.

What are the biggest problems facing today’s marketer as it relates to integrating emerging technology? You probably already know the answer: 32% say it’s finding the right talent to utilize it properly.

Join us for this upcoming interactive virtual event on new marketing technologies. We will have three live online sessions with industry experts to help you utilize new technologies and techniques to give you that necessary advantage. Don’t be part of that troubled majority… register today and become part of an educated class of empowered marketers!



About the research: The report was based on a survey conducted in the 1H16 of 170 senior marketing leaders (Chief Marketing Officers, Heads of Marketing, SVPs of Marketing, etc.) from around the world.