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Email Deliverability Demystified with Expert Jay Adams (Video)

Watch this episode of the Marketing Mash video series featuring a Skype session with email marketing expert, Jay Adams, CEO & Founder of Makesbridge, an email marketing automation platform. In this episode, Eric and Jay talk about a hot topic that’s circulating right now in marketing. There has been a lot of news and conversations about email marketing, more specifically, big challenges with successful email delivery. Jay explains why this has become such a problem for marketers and how to best correct it to ensure your email marketing doesn’t go to waste. Here are some highlights from the video:

Email Delivery Challenges for Many Marketers

Jay begins by addressing the email deliverability issue as being something that many organizations – both large and small – are having to deal with. He mentions that Return Path, a marketing organization known for its great email deliverability, is even landing in bulk mail folders as well. Rest assured, you are not alone in this challenge! Jay says the good news is that it can be reversed by following some best practices.

Why Email Deliverability is a Bigger Problem Now

Jay explains why the email deliverability issue has come about, including how ISPs have become very smart at blocking emails due to the influx of email marketing over recent years. Recently, the blocking/filtering strategy has shifted from ‘spam checking’ language and design, to recipient engagement. ISPs are looking at how the recipient engages with the email – from opens and clicks to frequent deletion. Now, sender reputation is based on several factors, creating a thumbprint or profile of you as a sender.

How to Combat Email Deliverability Challenges

Jay confirms that there are new rules that marketers have to go by that have been added to the old rules we are used to following (like having good subject lines). Some marketers are still trying to catch up. Eric asks Jay for some benchmark metrics of deliverability that marketers should be looking for. Jay says that you really want to gain momentum of net new openers and clickers – you want to keep a close eye on your last 30-day openers, and have that number grow. He also says that you should position your email marketing towards quality not quantity in order to win the popularity contest of your contacts. Jay gives an example of a CEO whose strategy was to send out more when he wasn’t reaching his email performance goals. But without knowing it, that action was further damaging sender reputation and he was killing his own contact list.

Watch the video below to hear even more tips and best practices from Jay Adams:

Eric Vidal – Sr. VP, Lead Generation, Broadsuite Media Group – @EricVMarketing
Jay Adams – CEO & Founder, Makesbridge – @makesbridge