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Effective Tactics For Earning High-Quality Links

Earning high-quality linksNever mind the naysayers that say link-building is dead. Earning high-quality links has been an integral part of any SEO strategy from the very beginning and will remain so for the foreseeable future unless that future doesn’t have search engines in it. That would be the day that link-building, and by extension, SEO will finally be dead.

If there’s one single, most effective way of letting search engines know the value of your website to users, it would have to be link-building, which is basically the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own.  Since links are a ranking factor, getting as many of them as you can would benefit your site immensely. Your authority will rise in the eyes of the search engines, which will eventually lead to top ranking in the search engine results pages.

There are regular links; then there are high-quality links. Getting links from websites that are legitimate but don’t have spectacular traffic and metrics is fine, but links from high-traffic and high-authority websites are cause for celebration. In fact, a single high-quality link is preferable than a dozen links from relatively minor websites.

Even in the field of link-building, quality always has it over quantity, a fact not lost on competent SEOs who make acquiring high-quality links a priority. Here are some tactics they use to get those much-coveted high-quality links.

Local SEO for earning high-quality links

Local SEO is more than just about getting citation listings or claiming your Google+ profile. It’s also a veritable mine of valuable link sources.

For example, you can get your business to participate in local community websites, or maintain relationships with local media and news sites. You can even partner with local schools and charities through sponsorships, which they would only be too glad to acknowledge with a link on a dedicated page on their own website. To take things further, you can join relevant industry associations, or even enter your business into local awards and contests. If you win, it’s a certainty that you will get a high-quality link from the organizer’s website.

Guest posting

“Guest posting is dead” is another SEO myth that has been making the rounds. Fortunately, practically no one falls for it judging by the volume of guest posts that continue to be published websites these days. Guest posting, however, will only be an effective way of acquiring links from high-quality blogs and sites if your content is of high quality too, and relevant to both your niches as well.

Create and use infographics for earning high-quality links

It’s been said that the attention spans of people these days have gotten shorter. They generally don’t like reading lengthy articles, but still hunger for information. What better way to do that than giving them infographics to digest instead? Infographics present information that can be taken in within seconds or a few minutes.

More importantly for SEOs, infographics are a magnet for links simply because they’re more engaging and therefore will likely be shared. When your infographic goes viral, you can expect many links to lead to your site.

Prospect for broken links

It may take a lot of hard legwork, but broken link prospecting has been an effective way of earning high-quality links. Broken links happen all the time after all. It involves finding one in a popular blog, emailing the webmaster about it, and offering a relevant page in your website to replace that broken link. It’s probably one of the simplest and most straightforward ways of acquiring high-quality links.

Write about top online influencers

There is no doubt that the top online influencers are going to appreciate well-written pieces that feature them in a good light. So picking an Internet superstar, favorably writing about him or her, publishing the article on your website and emailing or messaging the concerned influencer about it are sure-fire ways of getting the attention of the right people, who will likely share what you wrote on their own popular blogs and social media accounts. Now that would be a high-quality link for your site.

Build relationships with blogs mentioning your site and brand

Sooner or later, there will be people who will casually mention your site, your brand, or any of your products on their blogs or social media accounts. If you stumble upon such willing mentions, try reaching out to, and if possible, cultivate a relationship with them. Over time, you will probably get to talking about guest posting, writing expert roundup posts, doing interviews, or simply collaborating on a piece of content, all of which may yield a reciprocal link for your site.

Write high-quality content

Getting other websites to link to yours hinges on the idea that you have a page that’s worth linking to in the first place. No amount of SEO sorcery can make webmasters post your link on their sites or pages if they think your content—written or otherwise—sucks. So before you go around asking webmasters for link juice, make sure that your content is well-conceived and written, relevant to both your niches, and engaging enough to recommend to their audience.

Getting high-quality links isn’t easy, but they need to be done. The tactics enumerated above should help you get started on the link-building that will hopefully give your website the boost that it needs.

Photo credit for earning high-quality links: Piro4D on Pixabay

Raluca Crasuleac