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Data-Driven Marketing with CEO of Openprise (Video)

Watch our 31st Episode of the Marketing Mash video series featuring a recorded Blab podcast with special guest Ed King, Founder & CEO of Openprise. Listen to this discussion with Ed to learn why it is essential to keep your marketing data clean.

Marketers tend to not want to deal with data hygiene because it’s not glamorous. But what some don’t realize is that lack of data hygiene will lead to companies and marketers being unable to use the full potential of their stored data.

Ed also talks about how to organize, analyze and maintain your data’s hygiene while offsetting the common challenges.

Click the video to watch, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below:

Eric Vidal – Sr. VP, Lead Generation, Broadsuite Media Group – @EricVMarketing
Brian Fanzo – Speaker, Writer & Podcaster – @iSocialFanz
Ed King – Founder & CEO, Openprise – @OpenpriseTech
Daniel Newman – Contributing Writer & Co-CEO V3 BroadSuite – @DanielNewmanUV