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Creating More B2B Sales Ready Leads with Video

Creating More B2B Sales Ready Leads with VideoGenerating sales-ready leads is the ultimate goal of every marketing campaign. It’s never been easier to reach your customer than it is in today’s digital landscape. On the flip side, it’s never been harder to make your content rise above the noise.

According to KPCB, video accounted for 74 percent of all online traffic in 2017. Smart marketers are using video to generate leads. And it’s not just B2C marketers. B2B marketers are finding success with video too. Here are a few ways to generate B2B leads using video.

Add a Welcome Video to Your Website

Gone are the days of the long-winded about page. According to MWP, 59 percent of executives would rather consume information in video form than text form when both options are available.

Use a welcome video on your website’s landing page to show leads what your company is about. Answer the following:

  • What does your company offer?
  • How is your company different from others in your niche?
  • What is the unique value proposition that makes your company the best choice?
  • What action do you want those who reach the end of the video to take?

The last one is crucial. The best videos serve no real purpose without a strong call-to-action. Point leads to your best content or directly to an email capture form.

Fill Your YouTube Channel With How-To Videos

According to Think With Google, 8 out of 10 18-49-year-olds watch at least one YouTube video in a given month. Executives are no different than customers when it comes to YouTube use. They turn to video to learn about a product or service before making a purchasing decision for their business.

Create a video for each of the key features of your product or service. Educate executives on how each feature helps their bottom line.

Make sure each video has a call-to-action. Your goal is to use YouTube to drive leads to a sales landing page on your website.

Take Advantage of Live Video

Live streaming is the latest video trend to take over social media. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all have a live streaming component businesses use to connect with their audience. Here are some stats regarding social media use:

  • 500 million people watch videos on Facebook on a daily basis
  • 45 percent of Internet users watch over an hour of video a day on YouTube or Facebook
  • 82 percent of Twitter users watch video
  • Snapchat users watch 10 billion hours of video daily

Regardless of these statistics, some marketers don’t buy in on live streaming because the content isn’t sticky. When it’s over, it’s over. Savvy marketers solve this problem by repurposing their live video content. Run a live webinar, and then turn the webinar into a video for your YouTube channel.

Use Video in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Another way to repurpose your live video content is to use it for your email marketing campaigns. According to Syndacast, the word video in an email subject line increases the open rate by 19 percent.

Instead of blog-style emails, convey your message with video instead. Rely on only a short blurb to segue into your video. Use this strategy in conjunction with the video on your landing page. Capture leads and use a video drip campaign to provide content to leads as they move through the buyer’s journey.

An email marketing automation service lets you optimize and scale this process. Segment your leads using open rate. Send a different video to those who didn’t open your last email. You will see your conversion rates increase if you do this consistently.

Video is more than a marketing trend. Digital consumption patterns show it’s here to stay. Follow these strategies to generate more sales-ready leads for your business.

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Rob Reid