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The #1 Way to Create One to One Marketing Experiences with Video

By Kimbe MacMaster – Content Marketing Manager, Vidyard.

In today’s marketing world… wait, don’t click away!

I was going to say, in today’s marketing world, everyone has a million things to do and no time to do it. Combine this with the revolution of our “always on” lifestyle, the constant notifications, and continuously connectivity and we see more and more ADHD behaviors and tendencies in adults. And shorter attention spans.

You’ve seen it happen to you.

And it’s happened to your prospects, too.

The Unrelenting Battle for Attention

As a marketer, you probably didn’t need me to tell you that you’re in a constant battle for attention. You’re probably intimately aware of this problem.

  • The average person receives 85 business emails each day
  • The average attention span has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds in the last 15 years
  • Average conversion rates from email is a low 1.5%

In other words: being a marketer is hard!

Up to this point, the common response has been to yell a little louder, send communications more frequently, or try and tailor more messages to specific persona groups. The tailoring is the most promising approach. In fact the other two will actually probably be detrimental to your marketing success. Tailoring messages to personas is where the real opportunity lies for messages that actually connect with your audience.

By sending more and more messages, we’re really just ending up in a cyclical state with no hope of escaping and certainly no hope of grabbing that attention we were initially looking for. We call this The Attention Resource Cycle, shown below.


The more marketing messages we send, the more we exacerbate the problem by cluttering inboxes, and driving even shorter attention spans which leads to lower conversion rates. Lower conversion rates mean programs drive less pipeline and feed the need for better results and even more messages.

It’s an ugly cycle.

The real problem lies in tailoring your message to a detailed enough level that you’re actually hyper-relevant to your prospects. Otherwise, you can end up with a situation like this one, below:

Kristy and Carl are both Content Marketing Managers. Kristy works in the software space, works closely with the demand gen team, and is responsible for building a content strategy that drives leads.

Carl works in manufacturing, aligns best with the creative team, and mostly creates content to build awareness of his company’s products and brand.

Both Kristy and Carl are relatively different. But since they both fit into the “Content Marketing Manager” persona bucket, they will often be marketed to the same.

Ditching the Mass Approach for One on One Marketing

The truth is that people are much more likely to respond if they’re addressed personally. We are inherently programmed to respond to our name, for example. Market to us using our name and even other information like the company we work for, or the position we hold and we’ll feel like we are being spoken to, like a real conversation.

You know, like one you’d have with a new friend at a coffee shop. A conversation you actually care about.

Just think about when personalized email first came out and how much more likely you were to pay attention when that email addressed you by first name.

Today, the best of both worlds is personalization and video. Why? Because it combines the psychology of a one to one conversation with the medium that today’s buyers crave. Video is winning the content game because:

  • 60 seconds of video has been proven to be equivalent to 1.8 million words
  • Adding videos to your site increase your chance of a front-page Google result by 50x
  • Adding a video (or video thumbnail) to an email can drive 200-300% more click-throughs
  • Video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%

You get the picture.

kimbe-video-vidyardSo when you combine personalization with video, this engaging medium climbs to a whole new level. Embedded right within the video, you can add a person’s name, their company, their title or email address, and more. The video continues to play, the experience is seamless, and the engagement increases significantly.

Want to experience it for yourself? Get your own personalized video here!

4 Things That Will Improve Once You Use a One on One Approach

When you implement personalized video, there are four benefits that you’ll likely see:

  1. Increase in Email Opens – businesses are seeing 400% increase in opens by personalizing subject lines and adding video to the title.
  2. Growth in Email Click-throughs – with a personalized video thumbnail, you’ll see 4.5-10x increase in CTR.
  3. Boost in Content Engagement & Time on Page – when prospects are engaged and looking for the next personalized component of your video, they spend 62% more time on page!
  4. Stronger Brand Affinity and Involvement – by the very nature of you capturing your prospects attention and holding it, they’re already more involved. Plus, you’re speaking directly to them, and that is the first building block towards a successful relationship.

5 Ideas for Getting Started with Your Own One on One Video Campaign

So you’re game for grabbing (and holding) more of your audience’s attention and you want to use personalized video to do so? Try out one of these five ideas or add your own in the comments below!

  • Content Campaign – for the next guide or report you produce with its own landing page, try adding a personalized video for all direct email recipients. Maybe you could showcase your report with a “this report belongs to” stamp with their name on it!
  • Event Promotion – invite your audience to an upcoming event with a personalized touch. You could even include a real ticket to the event with their name printed on the ticket.
  • New Product or Feature – select a list of customers who would be particularly interested in a new feature you’ve launched and personalize an announcement video. Add their logo to the announcement to showcase that you thought of your customers when creating this new product or feature!
  • Customer Appreciation – send your customers a thank you video for the holidays or any other occasion (everyone loves a good thank you, no matter the time of year!). You could even show a handwritten card with their name at the top.
  • Recruiting – have a list of potential marketing recruits you want to know how awesome it is to work at your company? Consider creating a recruiting video with a scene welcoming them to their new space with a personalized nameplate on ‘their’ desk.

Dive deeper into personalized video and determine how to use personalized video to not only grab attention, but build more pipeline. Get the Vidyard guide: “Kickin’ Butt and Taking Names: How B2B Marketers Can Drive More Pipeline with Personalized Video”.

By Kimbe MacMaster – Content Marketing Manager, Vidyard
Twitter: @kimbe_mac