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Content Marketing Tips from Josh Steimle, CEO at MWI (Video)

In this episode of the Marketing Mash video series, Eric interviews Josh Steimle, CEO at MWI. Eric and Josh discuss hot topics in content strategy and Josh shares some important content marketing tips that he’s learned over the years as both a marketer and a writer.

Expanding Your Market: Content Marketing for a Global Audience

Josh describes why companies should consider other markets outside of the United States. He uses Asia as an example, stating how Asia is a market with high potential due to the fact that millions of new people are being added into the middle class every year. Because of this, new buyers who want to spend money are regularly placed into the market, creating a larger audience for companies to market to.

Josh warns that the best ways to deliver content in markets outside of the United States may be very different from inside the United States.

Tips on Getting Your Company’s Content Published

Over the years, Josh has become a contributing writer to top content publications, writing over 200 articles for publications such as Forbes and Tech Crunch. Josh says that, as a writer, he constantly gets pitches from marketers on why he should write about their company. Josh mentions that because he gets so many pitches, he has to look at the pitch and decide within a couple seconds whether or not it will be considered or deleted. This situation is common for top contributing writers. The big question is, how do you create a pitch that will get noticed among all the others?

Josh says that he’s been able to identify a few tactics that companies should use:

  • Personalize your pitch. A person can tell if a pitch or piece of content is being mass-mailed to a bunch of people. Josh says that, as a writer, he doesn’t want to write a story about a topic in where another person may end up writing the same story. Offering exclusivity to a writer can be important.
  • Know your target writer. Josh says that he’s much more likely to read a pitch if he can tell that the sender knows him as a writer. It helps to include information in your pitch that shows the the writer you know who he/she is – even if it’s something as simple as noting where you read one of their articles.
  • Offer something of value. When companies are pitching, they tend to only think about what they can get out of the deal. A writer needs to know what he/she can use. Offer a unique story, include graphics and data, and offer actual content (or even the whole story) that the writer can utilize in the piece.

Don’t Play it Safe in Content Marketing

Josh believes that too many companies play it safe by focusing on a strict content calendar. Then, when something happens in the news that relates to their company or industry, they don’t use that news for a relevant content marketing piece because they are too focused on the content calendar. Josh says that it’s good to have a content calendar, but content marketers should also make room for possible new events that they can take advantage of.

Watch the video below to listen to the complete interview:

Josh Steimle – Chief Executive Officer, MWI@joshsteimle
Eric Vidal – Sr. VP, Lead Generation, Broadsuite Media Group – @EricVMarketing

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