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Hear open conversations on best practices and tips from the experts on various topics

5 Ways to Use Videos to Enhance Customer Success

In this video, Eric Vidal talks with Rob Reid, CEO of VidProQuo, about five ways to use video to enhance customer success. Take a look.

Following Up on Leads (Video)

In order for a company to be successful, quality lead gen is vital. Generating quality leads is only one step in the selling process. Companies must know how, when, and where to follow up with leads. In this week’s Marketing

Measuring Marketing (Video)

Measuring marketing efforts has always been a top priority for a number of businesses. However, measuring the monetary ROI for marketing campaigns is also a major challenge. How is it possible to accurately measure marketing? How often should your company

Landing Your First Job in Marketing (Video)

Watch this episode of the Marketing Mash video series featuring Lead Generation Specialist, Shaelyn McCormick. She joins Eric to give tips and insight on what you can do if you want to land a job in marketing. Whether you’re straight

Lead Gen Fails & Pet Peeves: Tactics You Should Avoid (Video)

In this episode of the Marketing Mash video series, Marketing Specialist Shaelyn McCormack joins Eric in sharing what unsuccessful lead generation tactics they’ve both encountered—and what ones they personally consider their pet peeves. While lead generation can be key in

Anticipating Buyer Concerns is Vital to Sales and Marketing Success. Here’s How to Do It. (Video)

Recently, solutions selling expert Stu Schmidt took a deep dive into concerns-based selling in a six-part series for The Marketing Scope, covering why people buy, what you can learn from a lost deal and everything in between. There’s so much

CMOTalk: How to Nail B2B Lead Generation (Video)

When it comes to delivering results with your B2B lead generation efforts, there are some tried and true tactics that absolutely work. And the most effective of those tactics? Well, that might surprise you. Eric Vidal joined me in this

Discovery Calls and Why Salespeople Need to be Making Them (Video)

Marketers are putting together programs to build the funnel, and create pipeline for the sales team. The question is, “does your sales team have the right tools, and the right processes in place to call on those leads, set appointments

3 Major Changes in Business Decision Making & How to Navigate Them with Richard Perry (Video)

This episode of the Marketing Mash video series features Eric’s conversation with Richard Perry, the CEO of Founded. Eric and Richard talk about major modern changes happening in the world of business, why these changes are affecting business decision making

Creating Content for Lead Gen & Account-Based Marketing (Video)

Watch this episode of the Marketing Mash video series to hear Eric’s second interview with Karla Spormann, Founder & CEO of Tendo Communications (you can view the first interview on social media event support here). In this episode, Eric and