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Video Marketing

5 Ways to Use Videos to Enhance Customer Success

In this video, Eric Vidal talks with Rob Reid, CEO of VidProQuo, about five ways to use video to enhance customer success. Take a look.

Five Big Questions About Online Video Answered by 24 Statistics

Consumers are watching more video and marketers are creating more. What's in store for 2018? Here are two dozen recent findings that answer five key questions.

Why Leveraging Video for B2B Lead Generation is a Must

Leveraging video for B2B lead generation is becoming a common marketing strategy for B2B marketers, and with good reason. Here’s why you should be using video today!

Top Video Marketing Distribution Trends Marketers Need to Know

Video marketing distribution is becoming a key part of campaigns. Let’s take a look at how marketers are distributing video content to their audiences.

How Video Can Increase Customer Engagement and Sales

Video marketing is an excellent tool to use to increase customer engagement which then increases sales. Here’s what you need to know.

Creating More B2B Sales Ready Leads with Video

Developing leads in the B2B space is no easy task. Here are a few ways B2B marketers can use video to get ahead of the competition.


Why video should be the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy. Here's what you need to know.

How to Effectively Use Video During Your Webinars

Using video during a webinar is a great way to increase audience engagement. Here are a few tips to help you effectively include video in your next webinar

Video Tools To Help You in 2018

Success in video marketing will be the difference between growth and stagnation this year. Here are four video tools to help you in 2018.

Six Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Video marketing is integral to the success of a digital marketing campaign. Here are six video marketing trends to be aware of this year.