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6 Steps to Build a Data-Driven Sales Team

Did you know that the most successful sales teams are three times more likely to use analytics than under-performing teams? A statistic like that would convince me to use data immediately, but that isn’t always the case. It seems that

Understanding Client Satisfaction: It Depends On Who’s Asking The Questions

How often have you recommended to a client that they conduct research among their own customers to gauge overall satisfaction and uncover what they value about the relationship to your client’s company or brand? You’re astute enough to know that

How Are Marketing Leaders Using MarTech? An Inside Look

What do marketing and technology have in common? They’re both constantly evolving! So it’s no wonder they’ve merged into an increasingly popular solution known as MarTech. If you think combining marketing and technology sounds like a good idea, you’re not

Net Promoter Score: The One Key Metric You Need for Customer Loyalty

Creating and fostering relationships with customers is tough—especially in this era when competition is so fierce in almost every industry. We’ve written articles about collecting feedback from customers and combining that data with a CRM and artificial intelligence to mine

7 Questions to Ask During Competitive Analysis to Give Your Marketing Campaigns a Mega-Boost

Growing your online business requires extensive research, time, resources, and creativity. But a little spying never hurt anyone, especially when it comes to the competition. Competitive analysis can actually give your brand a mega-boost if done correctly. Ethical spying can

Go Beyond Google Analytics and use Data to Educate Your Clients

Numbers and data are no longer a daunting task — they’ve now become an integral part of a company’s operations. The issue is most companies are only given the basic facts of their data without the what’s, how’s, and why’s

Evaluating Event Marketing: Five Key Metrics to Use

How do you know if your event marketing campaign was successful? The answer depends on your goals, of course, but even then evaluating event marketing isn’t easy. According to a study by EventTrack, 22 percent of businesses don’t have any

What it Means to be Effective at Marketing

The predictions for Marketing have been flowing in. Gartner’s study suggests budgets for this year are down and that the pressure to prove the value of the dollars continues to increase. Gartner claimed in their 2017-2018 CMO Spend Survey, “CMOs

Want Better Customer Experience? Combine CRM And Customer Feedback

If you are not focused on receiving and using customer feedback, you are missing out on an amazing growth tool. Gathering feedback throughout the entire customer journey is of great importance to the buyer life cycle, marketing campaigns and the

Snapchat Update: Why User Experience Makes All the Difference

Last month Snapchat released what might be the most hated update in app history. It was hated so much, in fact, that petition focused on the upgrade garnered over $1.2 million signatures. Even the stock market hated the change—with Snap