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How to Make an Emotional Connection With Consumers Through Your Website

Fifty milliseconds. That’s all the time it takes for someone to establish an opinion about your website, and that opinion will go on to inform that person’s impression of your brand. It’ll also affect that potential customer’s every subsequent action—or

Top 6 Healthcare Marketing Trends in 2019

There’s a lot of competition in the healthcare industry, which means you need to improve your marketing strategy this year if you want to keep up with your competitors. A clinic could have the most experienced medical staff possible and

The 7 Deadly Sins of Guest Blogging Outreach

As business buyers get more challenging to reach—thanks to email filters, ad blockers, and caller ID—influencer marketing is becoming more popular as a way to break through the clutter and connect with these hard-to-reach buyers. It’s essentially about building credibility

Why Every Online Business Should be Blogging

What’s your understanding of blogging? If you have an image in your head of a stay-at-home mom in a coffee shop busily tapping away on a laptop updating her “day in the life of me” blog, with one child in

6 Ways to Engage Email Subscribers With Creative Content (And Drive Sales)

Email might offer one of the highest ROIs in marketing, but that doesn’t mean that there’s a shortage of failed campaigns. If your email isn’t performing as well as expected, creative content can help engage email subscribers. Boosted by content,

How to Measure Your Inbound Marketing Success

It’s not enough to just set an inbound marketing strategy and forget it. You need to measure it and continue to tweak and adapt it so it’s reaching its fullest potential. In order to do this, it’s essential to keep

How to Evaluate Your Future in Sales

There’s a lot of talk about the future and how technology will change our workplaces, our lives, and perhaps our careers. That’s especially true if you’re in sales — of pretty much any kind. So what about it? Are you

Consistency Beats Perfection In Agency Marketing

To make it in business, we need three main things: A viable, valuable product or service that solves a real problem A way to sell and deliver it A defined group of people to sell it to But checking all

Digital Transformation Trends: How Digitally Transformed CMOs are Impacted

Last month, I shared an article about the digital transformation trends to look forward to in 2019. But those trends won’t happen in a vacuum. They’ll impact everyone working in today’s digital landscape, including the digitally transformed CMO. It’s safe

6 Steps to Build a Data-Driven Sales Team

Did you know that the most successful sales teams are three times more likely to use analytics than under-performing teams? A statistic like that would convince me to use data immediately, but that isn’t always the case. It seems that