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Social Media

Social Media Mistakes You’re Making in Your Small Business

So you’ve arrived at work today, determined to figure out why your social media efforts simply aren’t paying off and what social media mistakes you might be making. There are no enquiries coming through, no new sales, in fact very few

How to Research Keywords for Social Media Marketing

Creating an effective social media marketing strategy is much more than scheduling social media updates and monitoring your engagement. You also need to meet your audience needs, answer their questions and offer them what they want to know. You need

Using Instagram Stories the Right Way

If you have a brand message to get across, Instagram, with over a billion active members, seems like a good place to start. It is a great place to drum up support for your brand because the users are active

10 Tips for Finding Social Media Sanity While Battling Depression

Social media is great, however, when it comes to depression, it can also be triggering. I have heard more people say they are trying to stay off Facebook these days…and perhaps that’s something you’re struggling with as well: finding social

Betting on e-Commerce and Social Media: Will the Snapchat and Amazon Partnership Pay Off?

If you haven’t already spent enough money by clicking Facebook and Instagram ads specifically tailored to your individual shopping habits, watch out. This week, Snapchat and Amazon announced a partnership that brings augmented reality (AR) to the forefront of the

In Terms of Social Media Strategy, The Bigger Picture is All That Matters

Social media, both as a marketing tool and as a communications platform, is nothing if not powerful. Never before have you had the opportunity to expose your message to billions of people around the world with just a few quick

Curious Why Your Millennial Employees Aren’t on Board with Social Sharing? It’s Not Them—It’s You

If you could be a fly on the wall for the water cooler chatter of your Millennial employees (or get a peek at their digital conversations), what do you think you’d learn? If you’re still sending emails requesting they share

7 Creative Ways to Increase Web Traffic Through Your Social Media Campaigns

No matter what online business you’re in, generating web traffic is by far the most important factor in increasing your sales and making your business more successful. Though there are many different ways to increase web traffic, social media is

How to Cater to Your Family of Social Media Audiences

If you’re anything like me, you share things on different social media channels the same way you tell stories to different members of your family. For example, if you’re telling your history buff of a wife about your recent business

Trends Digital Marketers Need to Keep an Eye on in 2018

We have seen digital marketing grow in importance in 2017. Various innovations and developments like chatbots and live streaming took a foothold in the marketing industry. Will 2018 be any different? Let’s take a closer look at several trends digital