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Marketing Automation

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing To Their Advantage

So much has changed in marketing in the last 10 years. Companies are able to target specific customers through websites, social media, and now your smartphone. Smartphones have been a gamechanger for marketers. Just think about how often you check

Don’t Let New Marketing Tools Keep You From Crafting Campaigns That Resonate

As the marketing industry continues to evolve, so do the approaches marketers use to reach and engage with consumers. Although being a flexible, adaptable marketer is crucial, this mindset can lead you on a blind chase for shiny new marketing

Data Modeling: Two Ways Marketers Can Start Using AI Immediately

AI isn’t a magic bullet. It’s not enough to have the insights. Marketing teams have to have the ability to determine what the data means, and then seamlessly combine the data science with the art of marketing. The challenge is

8 Sets of Marketing Automation Tools Your Company Can’t Live Without

For B2B companies, their universe of potential customers can be broadly divided into two groups. There are unknown or “pre-CRM” prospects who can be described but not individually named (e.g., CIOs at midsized companies). And there are known or “post

How Emotional Engineering is Changing the Customer Experience

Eyeballs. Yes, that’s right, it’s all about eyeballs. For marketers it’s about getting customers to view your website or product and make a purchase or take some type of action. Yet for all marketers focusing on the mobile app market,

The Value of Creativity in the Era of Automation

Is artificial intelligence a threat to the value of creativity, waiting in the wings to steal jobs and turn the marketing industry into a Matrix-style dystopia? Elon Musk is a leading voice on the subject of robots replacing many of

6 Simple Steps To Mastering Marketing Automation

When choosing a marketing automation solution, remember that the tool itself is not your strategy. Let's discuss this further.

So, What Can a Good Marketing Dashboard Do for You?

A good dashboard guides your actions and helps you mitigate risks. The dashboard in your car helps you determine when to fuel up or when to slow down. Here's what you need to know.

8 Examples of AI in Marketing

AI has started to change the way marketers work. Here are 8 examples of AI in marketing that you should be aware of and may want to consider.

Sales Automation vs. Marketing Automation

Sales Automation and Marketing Automation can work in tandem with a good strategy. Ready on to learn how make both more effective and efficient.