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Marketing Automation

8 Examples of AI in Marketing

AI has started to change the way marketers work. Here are 8 examples of AI in marketing that you should be aware of:

Sales Automation vs. Marketing Automation

Sales Automation and Marketing Automation can work in tandem with a good strategy. Ready on to learn how make both more effective and efficient.

Focused on Customer Acquisition? Is Marketing Automation Part of Your Game Plan

Are you focused on customer acquisition? Then add marketing automation to your game plan.

How to Avoid the Trap of Fake Marketing ROI

Improve how you measure Marketing ROI. Here’s how

Use Your Auto Triggers to Full Advantage

We’ll show you how you can set auto triggers and use autobots to their full ROI potential.

Cost of Owning Your Own Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation platforms provide businesses with a multitude of benefits. However, many companies purchase marketing automation platforms without researching the total cost and how the platform will impact other business functions. Marketing Automation Platforms: Total Cost of Ownership is a

Why Marketing Automation Matters and How to Use it Effectively

The streamlining and efficiency marketing technology can bring across multiple channels, along with the segmentation of audiences it allows, and the ability to measure, score, and evaluate leads has transformed the marketing landscape in recent years. Marketing automation (MA) gives

Five Reasons You Need a GREAT CRM 

Customer, relationship, and management. Three words, which when considered separately can have huge significance for any business. Combining them under one umbrella can however make for an even more potent mix, one that can deliver real business benefits in today’s

Marketing Automation Trends You Should Know About

The B2B marketing world is constantly evolving, and new technologies are changing how companies conduct marketing campaigns. Automation is a technology that enhances B2B marketing on various levels. But what exactly are the benefits of automation in your marketing campaign?

Need the Equation for Marketing Automation Success? Here It Is

We’ve made it a point to monitor the trends in marketing automation (MA) for one reason: We believe it’s the future of sales and marketing, changing everything about your business and how you find, connect with, nurture, and close leads.