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Four Marketing Technology Trends to Watch for 2018

From expanded use of established tools to embracing new technologies, here are four top trends in B2B martech from leading industry influencers and bloggers.

Where SaaS CMOs are Spending Their Money

If you want to see how tech trends transition to action, follow the money. Here’s how SaaS CMOs are spending their budgets.  

Three Tips for Creating a Seamless Multichannel Marketing Strategy

For CMOs who strive for multichannel marketing success, creating a seamless strategy can seem time-consuming. Here are three ways to more easily and effectively develop a seamless multichannel marketing strategy.

Want Higher Growth? Revisit Your Marketing Structure First

Research confirms that how you design your organization structure affects people’s work attitudes, behavior and performance.

How to Use White Papers for Lead Generation

White papers are among the most effective lead generation tools, but you have to promote them in order to get results. Here’s what you need to know.

How Responsive, Agile Marketers Impact Brand Performance [Report]

A report released this month by the CMO Council, The Responsiveness Requirement: How Agile Marketers Act on Consumer Feedback to Drive Growth, illustrates marketers’ struggle to create a data-driven, customer-centric experience throughout all customer touchpoints—digital and physical—in a world where

What You Should Know About the Newly Launched Openprise Data Marketplace

With all the emphasis on the use of data in marketing these days, it seems like there’s a major need for a better way to organize it all. And it looks like Openprise just found a way to do it,

2017 Digital Trends and Performance Across Digital Channels

Merkle just released its Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2017. If you plan to engage in any sort of digital marketing this year, you will benefit from going through this report and its key findings. Since 2011, Merkle has been

How Intelligent Data is Driving the Cross-Channel Experience for the Retail Consumer

Marketing used to be a relatively simple process for the retailer. Stock the shelves in-store, put a poster in the window, an ad in the local paper, maybe even place a TV or radio commercial and you could be confident

The State of Marketing Technology

Marketing is integral to any business. Traditional marketing methods still retain value, but as the world moves online, digital marketing tactics are gaining immense popularity. Maneuvering the digital marketing world can be tricky for SMEs with little tech knowledge, but