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Graphic Design

Need Help Creating Images for Your Content? Start Here.

Creating images to accompany corporate blog content and social media posts can be sort of a catch-22 for marketers. Of course you know that including a visual element means more views—94 percent more, by the way—but you’re not exactly a

8 Tools to Help Marketers Quickly Create Beautiful Designs

You have it pretty easy as a marketer, right? All you’ve got to do is develop your brand’s message, make it memorable, and deliver it to your target audience at the right point in the sales funnel and on the

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Vehicle Wrap

By Tim Hilcove – Manager, SmartWrap. If you want a marketing tactic that can get your brand a lot of visibility for the money, look into vehicle wraps. After all, the cost per thousand impressions tends to be just 4

How to Optimize First Time User Experience in Your Mobile App

By Sophie Walsh – Marketing Associate, Swrve: Mobile Marketing Engagement It won’t come as a surprise to any brand that optimizing a user’s onboarding experience is hugely important to the success of their mobile app. With over 20% of all

Understanding Mobile Advertising Viewability

If you are currently advertising on mobile, chances are that a lot of your ads aren’t being seen by human viewers. Bummer. The problem lies in the complexity of serving ads on mobile, a process that’s detailed in the infographic

Going Mobile Using Responsive Web Design: Conversation with CEO David Ciccarelli

Voice acting: It’s not just for animated movies anymore! In fact, digital marketers can use voice actors to give their trade show kiosks, explainer videos, and commercials a human voice. That’s where comes in. In short, it’s an online

What ‘Mobilegeddon’ Means for You

On Tuesday, Google launched its much anticipated algorithm update, which has been referred to as Mobilegeddon due to the drastic changes many people expect from it. But contrary to the rumors that Google will be delisting some sites altogether, the

Actor Vince Vaughn Getting Laughs With Stock Photos

Try using these free photos in your next campaign If you happen to be browsing stock photos and see someone who resembles Vince Vaughn, don’t worry – you’re not going crazy and no, Vince Vaughn didn’t give up acting to

Data-Powered Design: Uncover Conversion Opportunities

Would this button be more effective if it was bigger? How will using this font influence user behavior? Why aren’t people clicking this link? Basically, how do you choose what to include on your site? One way to solve this

Five Steps to Make Your B2B Website More Usable

Your website has cutting-edge content and a sleek, modern look. But is it usable? Aesthetics are certainly important, but if you don’t have an easy-to-access website that provides customers with information they need to make a purchase, it will be