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Experiential Marketing

3 Science-Backed Reasons Your Brand Should Explore Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Despite its bright glow and mesmerizing presence, the next big thing isn’t always the true star of the show. It’s easy to be distracted by all the hype, especially during a time of endless trends like fidget spinners and Millennial

How to Plan Events that Appeal to the Millennial B2B Marketer

Millennials have different expectations of live B2B marketing events. Here’s how to give a millennial what they need.

5 Ways to Use Interactive Technology to Create Great Customer Experiences

Retail stores are getting more creative with their in-store technology. Here’s how they are using interactive technology to reach customers.

Immersive Experiences: Digital Signage and Social Media Improving Customer Engagement

Digital signage and social media are powerful tools for businesses. See how combining these two technologies can improve customer experiences and increase revenue.

Why Passive Customers May Be Your Company’s Biggest Challenge

By Carlos Hidalgo founder and CEO of VisumCx In 2003, Fredrick Reichheld introduced the concept of a Net Promoter Score (NPS) in his Harvard Business Review article titled, The One Number You Need to Grow. The concept while simple is quite revolutionary. By asking

Is Your Omnichannel Transformation Turning into a Game of Jenga?

By  Gurbani Ahluwalia of Jesta I.S. “Retail technology is like an iceberg: Everyone pays attention to the portion that’s visible, but it’s what’s below the surface that’s mission critical.” -Susan Reda, STORES Magazine The Erratic Shopping Journey Consumers today are more fickle

How to Use Experiential Marketing to Reach Millennials

By Steve Randazzo – Founder & President, Pro Motion Inc. Pop-ups, brightly colored billboards, screaming salespeople: This is all background noise to Millennials, and any attempt to grab their attention through these traditional means gets ignored like a bad smell

How to Use the 5 Senses to Build an Emotional Connection With Customers

By Steve Randazzo – Founder & President, Pro Motion Inc. Why does the smell of old books and musty carpet remind you of your first grade reading circle? Why does the sound of a passé pop song remind you of

What is Experiential Marketing? (Video)

Watch Episode 15 of our Marketing Mash Video Series to learn about experiential marketing and hear about a top brand that put together a very successful experiential marketing campaign in Israel. Did you know 95% of consumers that participated in

Viral Videos: Experiential Marketing

Heineken India – Viral Campaign A Voice that only you can hear – stand here to open you world, a Heineken India Viral Campaign 2013.   Coca-Cola Happiness Machine at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK They put a special