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Content Marketing

Five Ways to “Expert Source” Third-Party Content on Your Blog

Here are five practical ways to use "expert sourcing" to supplement your own original content with input from writers and influencers in your industry.

How to Build a High Converting Sales Funnel with Copy Your Customers Will Love

Customers will back right out of your sales funnel if you aren’t delivering on the customer experience. Here’s how to lure them in with copy they’ll love.

How Custom Content Can Boost Your Demand Gen Efforts

Custom content is essential when you are focusing on demand generation. Here are a few types of content that will yield a high ROI.

How to Keep the ‘Content Police’ From Arresting Your Progress

Marcus Sheridan provides strategies for marketing or sales managers to use “imperfect” content to reach their goals and discusses a progress-over-perfection mindset that will take you to the next level.

How to Better Segment Your Audiences for Specific Performance Metrics

Marketers don’t get well-rounded views of their campaigns’ performances due to lack of segmentation and analysis. Deren Baker walks through the consequences for your future digital campaigns.

The B2B Content Syndication Report

The modern B2B marketer rightly recognizes the power of quality content to educate, inform, and ultimately engage with their target customers as a key part of their lead generation strategy. However good it might be, the impact of content will

Report Shows How Enterprise Marketers Are Handling Content Marketing

Every year, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) releases reports on the current state of content marketing for a variety of businesses. One of those reports focuses on enterprise-level businesses, taking a look at how companies with over 1,000 employees handle

Creating Audio Content is Great but You Still Gotta Market It

Audio content—everything from traditional podcasts to Facebook’s newly introduced Live Audio feature—is a niche medium growing rapidly as technology becomes more ingrained in our lives. For example, I recently wrote about how AI and voice search have teamed up in

How to Turn In-House Experts into Influencers: PTC’s Josh Buckley on Influencer Programs

Influencer marketing has become a buzz term as B2B marketers try to cut through the clutter and reach key audiences. But reaching influencers—and growing a stable of in-house thought leaders who can act as industry influencers—remains a challenge. Josh Buckley is senior director of

Six Steps for the Perfect Video Campaign

You use all different kinds of content to market your product or service. Content marketing is like breathing these digital days—you just do it. It’s natural. It’s necessary. Video should be a staple in your content tool belt because—much like