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Content Marketing

Are Retargeting Campaigns a Worthwhile Investment for Your Business?

A retargeting campaign takes advantage of the fact that a customer is familiar with your brand and product. The campaign serves to create a stronger bond, dealing with potential objections, and keeping your brand in mind. When handled correctly, retargeting might be one of the most effective marketing tools that you have.

3 Ways to Leverage Your RFP Software Content Library

When you centrally manage your RFP data in a content response library, your team can leverage content that promotes message consistency, reduces time spent on content development and approvals, and improves accuracy.

How to Build Your Brand with User-Generated Content

Most business owners realize that content is king, but that doesn’t mean they’re experts at crafting it. If you can relate to this struggle—and have trouble creating new content for your brand consistently—it’s time to look into user-generated content, or

5 Content Marketing Trends for 2020

As 2020 approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how you can improve your marketing mix. And as you’ve noticed by now, every year brings a few new content marketing trends that put brand new technology to good use…and 2020

3 Tips for Building Your Content Marketing Tech Stack

Technology has revolutionized content marketing. High-tech tools allow you to reach bigger audiences with less effort, streamlining the entire approach to creating content. In fact, technology was set to take up 29 percent of marketing spending in 2018, which was

3 Major Goals You Can Achieve With Content Marketing

What do you want to achieve with content marketing? Do you want to establish your thought leadership, boost your search engine rankings, increase your lead generation? Content marketing can help with all of the above, but each requires a specific

Boost Your Content Marketing with these 8 Online Tools

Content marketing has become one of the most efficient ways for businesses to connect with their target audience. As consumers have become more wary of advertising, content marketing has become more popular, and content marketing tools can help boost your

4 Ways to Balance Quality and Quantity in Your Content Strategy

How frequently should you be posting content? Content marketing experts typically offer sage advice like “as often as necessary,” but the relationship between quantity of articles published and results from content marketing is not so straightforward. This is where a

Hyper-Personalized Content is King

Marketing executives continue to look for the next big breakthrough when it comes to improving the customer experience. Whether it’s advances in artificial intelligence, personalization or omnichannel management, the key is to find innovative ways to leverage technology so that

Why Podcasts Rule as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategies

As you work on updating your content marketing strategy as the year progresses, make sure it includes podcasts. Why? Well, about 48 million Americans listen to podcasts, and that number is likely to keep increasing in the near future. In