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Content Marketing

4 Ways to Balance Quality and Quantity in Your Content Strategy

How frequently should you be posting content? Content marketing experts typically offer sage advice like “as often as necessary,” but the relationship between quantity of articles published and results from content marketing is not so straightforward. This is where a

Hyper-Personalized Content is King

Marketing executives continue to look for the next big breakthrough when it comes to improving the customer experience. Whether it’s advances in artificial intelligence, personalization or omnichannel management, the key is to find innovative ways to leverage technology so that

Why Podcasts Rule as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategies

As you work on updating your content marketing strategy as the year progresses, make sure it includes podcasts. Why? Well, about 48 million Americans listen to podcasts, and that number is likely to keep increasing in the near future. In

How to Create Content Regularly and Never Burn Out

  Content creation is a tough process to scale. Your team always needs to come up with unique and searchable angles and it’s too easy to lose inspiration. So how do you create content regularly for your corporate blog? Here

4 Tips for a High-Converting Lead Generation Form

When someone visits your landing page, it’s a “make it or break it” situation as to whether they’ll actually fill out your lead generation form or not. That decision determines whether your business gets a new lead, a new potential

Using the RFP Process to Improve Content Effectiveness

Do you develop content once and then walk away forever? Are your customer needs exactly the same from year to year? In your dreams maybe, but in reality, we all know those are ridiculous questions to even ask. As a

6 Key Insights to Make Your Content Marketing More Effective (From Research)

Care to guess what’s the most commonly used tactic for lead generation by B2B marketers? What these marketers view as their most effective lead gen tactic? Where they plan to increase spending the most in the coming year? What’s their

How to Build Your Digital Content Team

Ubiquitous internet access and the ease of publishing content changed the way information is consumed, and the rise of social media drastically accelerated the pace of that consumption. Today, a digital content team is essential for boosting SEO, promoting brand

7 Kinds of Tools to Help Develop Better Marketing Content

Did you know that 90 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing in some way? But many still struggle to do it productively, which is why it’s important to develop a content marketing strategy. If you haven’t done this step,

How to do a Content Marketing Audit in Eight Steps (Plus, Best Practices for Fixing Your Content)

It’s the 80/20 rule of content marketing: 80% of results come from 20% of content. This is true for every website and for every content marketing audit I’ve ever done. A handful of articles pull in the largest percentage of